Essentials of Research Papers on Breast Cancer

Essentials of Research Papers on Breast CancerNowadays, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among American women. It causes approximately 46,000 deaths each year. Besides, almost every woman runs a risk of getting this disease. That is why this problem is so frequently discussed in students’ academic papers. This time you have to prepare a research paper on breast cancer.

Argumentative Topics for You

There are certain tips for you to write an argumentative essay. Usually, the process of choosing argumentative topics will help you become well versed with the writing process itself. So what are the characteristics of argumentative topics that we should consider? Let me give you some useful tips.
First you need to have an argumentative topic that is interesting. This will give your readers the motivation to further read your paper.

A Guide to Writing Argumentative Essay Topics

Essay writing is an art as it reflects your emotional and sensitive approach towards a particular topic. It also depends on the topic you select. For example, writing argumentative essay topics require strong and convincing arguments on the given subject that you have chosen. Your personal thoughts and experiences must be the basis of your work. However, the most important point is that your arguments must be supported by factual reasons, proofs and evidences from the realistic information.

A List of Argumentative Essay Topics

A List of Argumentative Essay TopicsStudents who are assigned the task of argumentative essay writing often cannot locate good argumentative topics. Some lack of knowledge of how to select them or what consists of good topics. As good topics are vital for a good essay, let us help you to select good essay topics and provide you with few reasons why referring to lists of argumentative essay topics can help you in the essay writing process.

The Biology of Cancer

The Biology of Cancer
In this report I will discuss the biology of cancer, including the explanations of what is cancer, what causes it and how it can be prevented. In addition, I will briefly discuss the different ways it is treated. What is cancer? Cancer develops when cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Although there are many kinds of cancer, they all start due to the abnormal cells growing out of control. Normal body cells grow, divide and die in an orderly fashion. Until a person is an adult, the cells divide very rapidly, whereas after they have become an adult, the cells in most parts of the body divide only to replace worn out or dying cells and to repair injuries. Cancer cells develop because of damage to dna.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative Research Paper TopicsIf you need to write an argumentative research paper the first thing you should do is to decide on argumentative research paper topic. Argumentative research paper topics are usually of a controversial nature as they need the author’s finding the answer to the question set and presenting his/her standpoint supplied with persuasive arguments.

Cancer Essay

A cancer essay on the deadly disease which accounted for 13% of human deaths in 2007 is a must for students who have interest in medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 84 million people would die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention. So what is this killer disease? It is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal or malignant cells in the body. The most dangerous aspect of cancer is that it can occur in any part of the body. An essay writing exercise could include pictures and other graphics that highlight this.


At present, hundreds of chemicals are known to induce cancer. Normally, the body's cells divide in an orderly way, allowing the body to grow and to heal after injury. Damage or mutations that occur to the proto-oncogenes (POG) and tumour suppresser Genes (TSG) in the genetic material (DNA and RNA) by these carcinogens bring about Cancer, which causes cells to have less control of cell division and differentiation. POGs lead to changed cells or transformed cells and cause excessive cell division. Further mutations cause the cells to become immortal. These cells continue to divide and form a ba

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics
Argumentative Essay Topics
Argumentative essay topics influence the entire argumentative essay. That is why you should treat the process of identifying the argumentative essay topic very seriously. We offer you to study the list of the argumentative essay topics criteria presented below, and try to complete all of the criteria contained in the list while choosing argumentative essay topics.

So, your argumentative essay topic has to correspond to the following criteria:
- The argumentative essay topic has to be closely related to some burning problem, which is being discussed keenly in the modern world.

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