Exemplification Essay Examples

Exemplification Essay Examples
Exemplification essay examples can help you be prepared to write your own essay. Exemplification essays can be difficult to write, so having the aid of an example can be of great help. In these types of essays you use examples to try and explain a certain topic. Writing this type of essay usually means giving examples to support generalizations about your topic. This is accomplished by using an introduction paragraph, as many body paragraphs as needed to prove your point, and the conclusion paragraph.

Supporting Details in the Cause-and-Effect Analysis

Supporting Details in the Cause-and-Effect Analysis
Supporting Details in the Cause-and-Effect Analysis

When you start to decide what types of details to include in your cause-and-effect analysis, first think carefully about the thesis. Are you focusing solely on the causes of the event? Are you only looking at the effects of the event? Or does your thesis examine both causes and effects?

Using different patterns of development, especially exemplification, description and process analysis, can be helpful in determining your supporting details. As you write your essay, you will want to use exemplification to clarify the various causes and/or effects you are including.

Description will also come in very handy; for instance, in the letter to the editor example above, you could describe the grim conditions of the overcrowded roads. Finally, process analysis can help you to clearly lay out a chain of causes and/or effects. In Parrish’s essay, for instance, she describes how having kids actively receive a financial education will lead to kids and young adults who have more confidence in their abilities, which ultimately will lead to more financially responsible adults.

Essays on Animals: Choosing an Original Perspective

Essays on Animals: Choosing an Original PerspectiveWell, these are typical issues covered in essays on animals. Yet, believe us, your teacher will not be happy to see another essay on animal experimentation and read the same arguments. This is why it is better to think of some other approach to completing your essay on animals, and we can help you with that. We have listed several rather original ways of preparing essays on animals.

African Safaris boast spectacular wildlife

When you are in Africa, you will obviously want to see animals.

Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals

Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals
I remember being a little boy crying as I watched a zoo monkey eat my chocolate ice cream bar. Animal natural instincts are designed for their own survival, which means fulfilling their basic needs, including food and water. They will do anything it takes to get food, learning and adapting from each new experience. US Geological Survey wants to make it very clear to prohibit any feeding of wildlife. I wish to quickly cover three points why you should not feed wild animals. One, feeding wildlife disrupts natural cycles, creating dependencies. Two, it is unsafe for both you and the animal. Three, processed human food is unhealthy for wild animals. If you do your part by not feeding wild animals and letting your friends and family know how important it is, nature will remain in harmony.

Advanced Rules of Academic Writing

A regular reading of authoritative academic papers may lead to a conclusion that professional writers are free from restrictions normally imposed on beginning writers and students. In fact, this assumption is not entirely true. Basically, there are specific cases when style and content deviations do not interfere with the quality of writing. Correct understanding of academic writing deviations, their purpose and limits, is necessary for the development of writing skills.
Digressions in Academic Writing

Animal Rights

Animal Rights
Many people feel that animals have no rights and are here solely for our use.
Humans are animals too, we shouldn?t take advantage of other animals just
because they can?t reason like us.


Character Analysis of Napoleon "Napoleon was a large rather fierce looking Berkshire boar," that was spoiled and always got his way. He was the only pig of the kind on the farm. Napoleon was a great rival to Snowball. Snowball was very outspoken while Napoleon was very secretive and did not talk much. Napoleon and Snowball prepare for the Rebellion in a very similar manner, and have many goals alike.

Essay on Family

The family is the single most important unit of any societies. This is where all the character, traditions, culture and economic development are nurtured. All of us belong to a particular family so each individual can relate to anything about a family discussion topic. An essay on family can be considered as a good written piece especially if it was written efficiently. Why don’t you try writing an essay about family?

Does your "shadow" love you?

The psychologist, Carl Jung, described hidden part of our psyche as "the shadow". It's the part that sometimes frightens us with the things we don't know, or don't want to know about ourselves.