Four Jobs You Could Get With An Information Technology Degree

Many wonder what exactly does someone with an information technology degree do in the real world. Despite the fact that many of us regularly work with information technology specialists, a significant number of people don’t really know what this job is all about. They just know that they need to call the IT guy when something goes wrong with the computer. But having a degree in information technology provides you with more skills than just being the computer fixer-upper. With...

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Three Levels Of The Criminal Justice Degree Online

You’re one of the lucky ones. You know what field you want to study. You’ve been passionate about criminal justice for almost as long as you can remember, reading true crime books as a teenager and watching television crime dramas every night. You even know that you want to get your criminal justice degree online because you want the flexibility of being able to work on your degree from remote locations. You feel like you’re ahead of the game. Many people don’t know what they...

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How to Quote in an Essay

It is much easier to write an essay if you will simply rely on other people’s articles. Sure, this is a good idea but you cannot simply copy the parts of any documents. You will be committing plagiarism if you will do this. However, since there are some essays that can contain research results, you can actually learn to incorporate another essay’s part into your article. This is by quoting the external paper. How to quote an essay is our topic for today’s post.

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Writing a French Essay

Crossing into different languages and still writing a quality paper requires specific strategies to get a higher grade. If you have to write a French essay, then you want to make sure that you are able to approach this correctly while building your understanding of this language. When you are preparing to write in French, you can focus on different aspects that are a part of this language, all which will help you to work your way into a quality essay. Following are some of the top priorities and coursework tips to consider when writing in this language.

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Division Essay Topics

Division Essay TopicsAre you to write a division essay? Are you sure it is a comparatively easy task, as there is no subject in this world that does not have a division? To be honest, finding a topic for your division essay stops being exciting when you face the confusion between division and classification. Students often get really exhausted when continuously keeping in mind the difference between these notions, and a single mistake may destroy all their time-consuming work.

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Don’t Let Stress Take Over At Test Time

Don’t Let Stress Take Over At Test Time
Don’t Let Stress Take Over At Test Time
It’s easy for life to become a blur when you’re trying to balance studying for tests, finishing final projects, readings, work and time for yourself at the middle and the end of the semester. With so much to do, there hardly seems to be time to sleep, let alone for relaxation. Students load themselves up on caffiene and fatty foods, sleep less, work more and health seems to fall by the wayside. All of this can add up to stress taking a big toll on you during midterms and finals, which is far from being a good thing even for healthy young students.

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Thoughts from Baltimore…

Thoughts from Baltimore…
Thoughts from Baltimore…
Martha Allman, director of admissions for Wake Forest University, is attending the National Association of College Admissions Counseling national conference in Baltimore. Here she shares her thoughts about the 65th annual event.

By Martha Allman

In my twenty seven years of college admissions, I have attended more NACAC conferences than I would like to count and every year I am more and more struck by the for lack of a better word, the growing “commercialization” of college admissions. Sometimes I wonder if we have completely lost sight of our real educational mission.

When I walked into the exhibit hall at this year’s NACAC Conference, I must admit I felt a definite sensory overload. Nearly 300 vendors, some residing in lavishly appointed booths, were eager to tell be about the next best thing in college admissions. Consultants, direct mail gurus, graphics specialists, software geniuses and masters of social networking were all poised to show me the next best thing in college admissions. What I had to have to stay “competitive.”

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English Critical Essay

English Critical Essay
English Critical Essay
Think of the essay as a chance to challenge yourself and to contribute to the on-going conversation among scholars about the subject under discussion.

This quote is the best one while describing your goals in English critical essays writing. In order to write a good English critical essay you can do nothing but challenge yourself and make contribution into the process of making readers to dive into the conversation of the topic, which you arise in your English critical essay. This is the main task for you when you are involved into English critical essays writing. If you manage to do this, your English critical essay will be valued as A+.
English Critical Essay Writing Is A Serious Task!

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The significance of asking "What" versus "Why."

The significance of asking "What" versus "Why."
Asking ?why? is often a reasonable way to find out information. However, in some circumstances it limits the response and circumvents the objective for asking the question.
When trying to resolve behavioral issues asking ?why? tends to lead a student on a mental chase of cause and effect. While this process is generally helpful for critical thinking, it does not necessarily promote beneficial and on-going self-reflection.

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Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking
Systems thinking has its foundation in the field of system dynamics, founded in 1956 by mit professor Jay Forrester. Professor Forrester recognized the need for a better way of testing new ideas about social systems, in the same way we can test ideas in engineering. Systems thinking allows people to make their understanding of social systems explicit and improve them in the same way that people can use engineering principles to make explicit and improve their understanding of mechanical systems.

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