The Heart of Soul

Notice what happens when you play Hide and Seek with a small child. The closer you get to finding them, the more you will feel your heart. Your heart will open to a channel of expression and experience where physical eyesight is no longer necessary. This guiding force enabling you to feel your heart, allow your heart to open, and create a path merging two hearts as ONE is the heart of soul.

Open University Assignments Are Almost the Same as in Usual Universities

Open University Assignments Are Almost the Same as in Usual UniversitiesAre you thinking about joining one of the best universities that provide distance learning? Actually, it is a brilliant idea, because Open University is, probably, the only online institution that gives high quality education, which is recognized in many countries all over the world. In many ways, studying in the Open University is very similar to studying in a usual university, at least in terms of assignments that you will have to complete.

Creative Writing about The Tell Tale Heart

Creative Writing about The Tell Tale Heart
Our purpose here today is to persuade you that the client is deranged and incapable of understanding what he?s done. The client reveals his anxiety toward the reader and other characters several times throughout the story. For instance, he begins the story inquiring, ?How then am I mad?? and states, ?Observe how healthily?how calmly I can tell you the whole story? (Paragraph 1).

Open Field Farming Essay

Open Field Farming EssayOpen field farming was a system, which included the village and the people that were living there. Most people that were living in the village owned a strip of land, which they would look after and grow crops on, usually the same crop as the other strip owners. Each strip usually had two to four wide ridges.
Common land was for everyone who farmed land and the more land they owned the more animals they could have on the common land.

The Nature of Soul

It is the nature of soul to grow, to heal, and to love. As we enter into the world, we emerge as a tiny child. We are open. We do not have conditions placed on us by our parents or ourselves. We have not closed ourselves off from any possibility. It is though the world lay at our feet. We are a bundle of unconditioned purity.

Hear Your Soon-To-Be-Born Baby

Nothing is more exciting than expecting a baby and many expectant mothers and fathers can’t wait to hear the sound of their child’s heartbeat. Parents who cant wait and parents who want to share the amazing experience of listening to the beating sound can buy a baby heart monitor known a...

What Enables You To Flip Your Cell Phone Open?

The latest Nokia N90 and Motorola RAZR V3 clamshell mobile cell phones all incorporate sophisticated hinges which allow you to flip open your cell phones smartly amongst admiring onlookers.

Creative Writing Prompts for High School

Creative Writing Prompts for High School
Want to make those passive minds active? Here's a list of some creative writing prompts for high school to get those minds thinking, and differently.

Open the Eyes of the World with Your World Hunger Essay

Open the Eyes of the World with Your World Hunger Essay32% of people in Africa and undernourished. 8 children die across the world of starvation every minute of the day! The Eastern Sahel region of West Africa is home to more than 10 million people who face extreme hunger due to drought and poor harvests. This was a warning given by the United Nations World Food Programme. More than half of the world’s hungry live in Africa.

The Potential of Free MBA Courses

The Potential of Free MBA Courses
The Potential of Free MBA Courses
Open courseware has become a popular endeavor for online colleges in recent years in order to attract new students to their programs. Open courses are free courses that contain written and audio versions of lectures from courses at schools in the past years, available for the public to download in order to learn more about a subject or simply decide whether they want to take the course at the university for credit. While free courses sound like an enticing offer, students need to keep in mind that they will not receive any credit for these courses and will only receive a broad painting of the overall course. MBA open courses at online universities have additionally increased in recent years as the demand for MBA degrees has risen and students are willing to take a simple flavoring of the class before enrollment.