The emotional tensions in the Iliad's characters also were very interesting. Achilleus' agonyover the death of his friend was so great that he did not eat nor bath until he killed Hektor and he could bury Patroklos' body. Achilleus' rage clashed greatly with Agamemnon's will. Achilleus was so enraged and saddened by his loss he urged that the Achaean soldiers fight without eating or resting. His emotion was so great and powerful Achilleus was able to change the tides of battle with his presence. This focus on these emotions and desire for vengeance was a surprising theme to me.


Naturalism is the theory that one?s surroundings and background determines their fate. the hurricne has many naturalistic elements. Rubin Carter?s background and surroundings are what determined his fate.
Trouble started very young for Rubin Carter. When he was just a boy he was sent to a juvenile home. Rubid didn nothing wrong, but because he was black it made it easier for him to get accused. As Carter got older, he grew stonger and wiser. He became a boxer. Soon, hte name stayed with him, Rubin the Hurricane Carter. He was an excellent boxer and had many things going for him. In a bar one night two men were shot and killed. But because Carter was black it was very easy for him to be accused. Rubin lost his case and went to prison.

Architecture Thesis

Architecture ThesisArchitecture thesis presents the results of the author’s profound investigation of a particular architecture problem. Whether you are an architect or not we advise you to think as if being in the shoes of an architect while writing a thesis on architecture. It means that your paper should have its ground, thoroughly shaped components and an impressive form.

Fate in Medea

Fate in Medea
Observation and Interpretation: Throughout the text, fate and the gods
are blamed for the cause of the problems, however subsequent choices
made later on by the characters appear to be free will, however are
actually influenced by fate and the gods.

So what?: This makes the audience blame the gods for the overall out
come, but still blame the main character for her choices.

Architecture school

Architecture school is definitely a strange place. Most of the folks I know at my architect school have some kind of extremely idiosyncratic vision of why they came there in the first place.

The Egocentric Predicament

The Egocentric Predicament
The Egocentric Predicament is a problem associated with our ideas and how we perceive the world. Locke believes all knowledge come from personal ideas; these ideas are based upon our perception of the world. However, if we only see the world based on our own ideas how can there be any external or objective world. This begs questions similar to; can I really know an objective world exists? If there is no external world do any other minds –or ideas- other than my own exist? How can we ever test reality if it is our own mental construction? Locke concludes that we do have some knowing in relation to the subjective and objective reality that they do exist, but that we do not have a clear idea between one and of the other.

Employment Law - Unfair Dismissal - Constructive Dismissal

The case of Thornley v Land Securities Trillium Ltd [2005] concerned a claim for unfair and constructive dismissal by an employee who alleged that her employer imposed a new job description on her and she contended that her contract of employment was fundamentally breached by such changes to her duties imposed by her employer. The Tribunal upheld this claim.

The employee was originally employed by the BBC as an architect in its construction management department. On or around 12 November 2001, a substantial part of the construction department was transferred to the appellant employer, Thornley, under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1982.

Following this transfer, the employer announced its plans to restructure the department. This meant that the employee's role would have changed to that of a managerial role from the hands-on architectural work she had previously done. On or around 1 October 2002, the employee attended a meeting where she indicated that she believed her position was being made redundant. She wrote to the employer stating that as a result of the proposed restructuring, her professional expertise was being dissipated and she was becoming de-skilled as an architect. She also stated that her position was being made redundant. On or around 8 December, she again wrote to her employer raising a grievance in respect of the new role, which she claimed was not comparable with the job specification of the role she had when she was transferred to the employer.

Oedipus the King essays

Oedipus the King essays
Oedipus the King essays
Oedipus the King is an ancient tragedy written by the great philosopher Sophocles. The tragedy was first performed in 429 BC, but it is still widely read throughout the world. If you have received an assignment to write Oedipus the King essay, you will definitely find this article useful. So, as you know, essay writing begins with the choice of the topic. Here are some suggestions:
Oedipus the King Essays Topics
Darkness and Light
Sight and Blindness
Children and Parents
Health and Environment
Predestination and Fate
Conflict between youth and age

Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet EssayMany teachers who are associated to literature are fond of assigning Romeo and Juliet essay and burden the students with this assignment. Romeo and Juliet essay is usually written by keeping in consideration the story of Romeo and Juliet that was based on the feeling of love. If you see the story of Romeo and Juliet, you will notice that there are many aspects of Romeo and Juliet on which you can write a Romeo and Juliet essay...

Romeo as a Tragic Hero in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo as a Tragic Hero in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
In my opinion social circumstances, fate and coincidence and aspects of Romeo?s character bring about his downfall and are all equally to blame. If there had been no feud then Romeo and Juliet could have been more public about their love. If Friar John had not been held up Romeo would have received the letter and probably lived. If Romeo had not been so hasty he may not have killed himself before Juliet woke. I think that fate is partly to blame for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet because there are many bad timings and coincidences like Juliet waking just after the death of Romeo and Friar Lawrence arriving just before Juliet wakes, but after Romeo had taken the poison.