Essay in Spanish

What is an essay in Spanish all about? If you will take the term literally, then you might consider writing an essay using the Spanish language. This is the practical take on such an instruction. But actually, you can do more than just writing an essay in the said language. An essay in Spanish does not necessarily mean you use Spanish in writing.

It's Time To Learn Spanish

Do you want to learn to speak Spanish?

Today there are more reasons then ever before to want to learn to speak Spanish. According to wikipedia, the Spanish language was spoken by approximately 364 million people in the year 2000. It is currently estimated that there are 400 million Spanish Speakers world wide which makes Spanish the third most widely used language after English and Mandarin Chinese.

In American Schools, it is the most widely taught non-English language....

Learn Spanish Language – Smooth Sailing The Process

Learning the Spanish language, as with any other language is a daunting task.

Learn A New Language - Should You Learn French Or Spanish?

If you want to learn a second language, you should learn French or Spanish. Why? Because French is the most commonly spoken language in the world after English...

French is seen by many as the language of love. I don't know why but French seems to be a synonym of romance. It is true that Paris is a beautiful place, don't you want to have a walk on the champs Elysйes?

Spanish is also a language that you should consider. French is my native tongue, but Spanish sounds more...

Visit Spain And Learn Spanish

To learn Spanish then you need to learn the Spanish alphabet. Although it’s not dramatically different from the English alphabet, there are still some real differences. You also will have to learn how to properly pronounce these letter before you are ready to really get to the nitty gritty of the language. When you visit Spain you’ll be so happy you know a few words!

Rules and punctuation in the Spanish alphabet are different from the English one, as well. There is a combi...

An Easy Comparison Of The English To Spanish Alphabet

Learning the Spanish alphabet requires only learning three more letter than are found in the English alphabet. These include ch (che), ll (elle) and ň (eňe). The fit into the alphabet in an order that also makes sense, following the letter from the English alphabet that starts with the same similar letter. Here is the order they appear in:


Letters Not A Part of the Alphabet

There is some controversy...

Learning The Alphabet And Language Of Spain

The Spanish alphabet only has three more letters than the English alphabet, ch (che), ll (elle) and n (ene). All three letters simply follow the letter from the English alphabet which starts with the same or similar letter. The Spanish alphabet is as follows: a,b,c,ch,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,ll,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z.

However, there is some controversy over the letters “w” and “k” due to their similar language origin. No Spanish words contain the letters “w” and “k” unless ...

How Do You Say It Again In Spanish?

When you’re studying the Spanish language, there may be a lot of words and known English terms in your head which could leave you hanging for the Spanish translation. Sometimes, it’s easier to hold on to the English word and then express the rest of the sentence in Spanish. We just think this way of communicating while still learning the Spanish language is excusable because anyway, it can be understood by the receiver.

But all great things come from small origins. When we...

The Options To Learn Spanish For Beginners

As most adults who have tried to learn another language other than their own will tell you, tackling the project can be quite difficult. While children seem to effortlessly adopt another language, the stumbling blocks can be enormous in the adult brain. For many people, learning Spanish is a necessary and popular choice. To learn Spanish for beginners, the choices of instruction are extensive.

Initially, the best way to learn Spanish for beginners is to purchase a simple E...

The Current Importance Of Understanding Spanish

People who speak English usually tend to believe that they know the most important language, and others should speak English in order to communicate with them. However, if you ever have been in South America you will realize how important the Spanish language can be. For example if you travel to Paraguay you will find only a few people who are fluent in English. More people speak German than English in this country. In Brazil the people speak Portuguese but they understand Sp...