Teaching Your Child To Love To Read

Raising a child who loves books can be easy, if you have a plan. However, you must keep in mind that no matter how well you prepare to foster a love of books in your child, other influences may keep her from being a reader. All you can do as a parent is provide the encouragement, but the rest is up to your child.

One thing you can do to encourage a love of books is to read to your child from infancy on. This teaches her that reading involves special time with mom and dad....

Starting Your Homeschool

For whatever reason you've decided to homeschool your child. Don't be afraid of taking the responsibility for your child's education. It could be beneficial for both you and your child.

Developing Reading Skills In Your Child

A lot of teaching your child to read is first instilling in your child a desire to read. It’s so very important for the child to know that reading activities and learning to read is fun.

Home Education And Your Special Child

Homeschooling is challenging to get going with, add the suspicion of teaching a child with special needs and you are increasing the difficulty of homeschooling Tim and Lisa at home. This does not mean that it can't be done, as there are lots of youngsters with disabilities being homeschooled and successfully at that. Irregardless, there are some confusions and roadblocks along the way so here are a few hints to keep on your fridge and examine when times get arduous.

* Baby...

Education Services For Children With Autism

As the prevalence of autism has increased astronomically in recent years, so has the number of available treatments and education options. Parents must sift through the many interventions and decide which is best for the education of their child. More and more parents are educating themselves; the treatment options are exciting and give hope to parents of children with autism. But the task of determining which treatments and education paths are best for each child is a great ...

Enrichment Classes For Your Child

One major advantage of educating your child at home is that you are involved with their home school success.

Educational Psychology - Teacher Interview

Educational Psychology - Teacher Interview
I interviewed a teacher from the Philadelphia School District and here is the result from my interview. I am a teacher in the head start program of Philadelphia .I have been with the head start program for 10yrs. I see children younger than kindergarteners with special needs. I see this problem not only with education but behavioral. Children with special problems can learn. You have to know how to deal with children period. Regular children and special educational children all learn. Special educational children know exactly what they?re doing just as well as regular children.

Choosing Home Schooling Over Traditional Schooling

There are millions of children in the world who are going through home schooling for various reasons. Some parents would rather the teaching fall into their own hands. Others have children with special needs that require their own personal attention and home schooling is the only way to manage. Other parents find that their children have behavioral problems in traditional schools, but can learn easily when home schooled. No matter why your child needs home schooling, you shou...

Seattle Schools: Are All Children Special Needs?

It’s a great commentary that the “save Seattle Schools” blog hosted on is a wildly active forum for community interaction. Anytime I visit the site there are discussions on anything from the military recruiting in Seattle Schools to discussions of the budget and the school board. One of the latest really got my attention. It was focusing on the way that the Seattle Schools run its gifted program.

Now I know that the Seattle Public Schools aren’t alone in their challenges o...

Homeschool And Grade Your Child

How great must a parent feel spending time with her child at home, see her grow, discover and explore the world! Be all the way with her during her learning and explorations.

In America, homeschooling has been gaining popularity due to several reasons given by parents or they have seen the applicability to their child’s unique situation. But, laws pertaining to this new alternative approach to education vary from state to state and there are different interpretations to i...