Phoenix Schools Tackle Dropout Rate

The schools in the United States are considered to be “in crisis” due to the soaring student dropout rate. In his first State of the Union Address, President George W. Bush stated that the national dropout rate was 25 percent.


Prior to writing on one of the cause and effect essay topics you should establish cause and effect connection between two objects or things. You have to focus on the reasons why things happen, their influence on society or nature and consequences they cause. So, writing on one of the cause effect essays topics is concerned with why things happen (causes) and what happens as a result (effects). While exploring the causes and effects of the things you ought to define their order very clearly.

GED Essay Topics

General Educational Development is a basic criterion for students to enter college. This is especially true if the student is a dropout from school. With this fact, students should prepare in writing a GED essay which is basically one of the most important aspects of passing this evaluation method. Of course you need to write a GED essay that has a topic that you are familiar with.

Online College Courses

You can tell by the fast paced world we are living in today, that the importance of an education is on the rise, and although the high school drop out rate is lower, there are still some who have gone back and gotten their GED.

Then, by this time we are in a job going just where we aren’t sure, or we’re busy raising a baby. Either way it is possible now to further your education without even going to a college or without having to quit your job.

With the use of the comp...

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Invests $21 Million in Chicago Schools

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made an investment of $21 million in Chicago Schools to strengthen the students’ preparation for college. The gift funds the Chicago High School Redesign Initiative, which will provide for major improvements in high school curriculum and instruction to ensure the students are prepared to succeed in college and career.

Cause And Effect Essay Idea

Cause And Effect Essay Idea
Cause And Effect Essay Idea
Cause And Effect Essay Idea: Transforming Into Reality

If ever had to create a cause and effect essay? Are you stumped on a cause and effect essay idea? Read our advises and let your cause and effect ideas flow fluently.

The key in choosing the best idea for your cause and effect essay is to write about thing you are truly passionate about. If you write about something that interests you, concerns you or maybe just is fascinating to learn about, it is more likely that you will write a top rate essay.

Detroit Schools Fight To Stay Open

Detroit Schools battle the classic struggles of a major city: high teacher turnover, high dropout rates, low test scores, and on-going violence. For some of Detroit Schools, however, all these problems may soon disappear. 34 Detroit Schools are slated to close by fall of 2007. Problems such as deteriorating buildings, failing test scores, and shifting populations compelled board members of Detroit Schools to recommend the closing of such facilities.

Apparently, some of the...

Dropouts On The Rise In Los Angeles Schools… Many Blame New Graduation Requirements And An Unprepared Math Teaching Structure For Math

In 2003, the Los Angeles schools implemented a new policy of graduation requirements. The intention was to graduate Los Angeles schools students that were better-educated and groomed for college and high-level jobs. Requirements included graduates to pass one year of algebra and one of geometry, or equivalent coursework.

Though the intention was good and the Los Angeles schools policy should work in theory, the reality is giving a much different and more dismal picture. Lo...

Oklahoma Schools: Better Than Ok!

Students reap many benefits from Oklahoma Schools. According to the 2002-2004 Census, there are 1,816 schools, 619,226 students, and 38,983 teachers. With a 16:1 ratio of students to teachers, it’s no wonder that things are more than OK for Oklahoma Schools’ students. The dropout rate for Oklahoma Schools is a low 3.2% and the state boasts high success for its students on assessment tests. Oklahoma also offers a unique program that addresses an issue on the minds of most of...

Choosing a College Major that Makes Sense for You

Choosing a College Major that Makes Sense for You
Choosing a College Major that Makes Sense for You
As if choosing the right college for you is not stressful enough, once you are enrolled your attentions must shift to declaring a major. Many students enter school with a major in mind or have already declared their major before they begin freshman year. Still other students take a year or two to decide which academic area best suits them. Keep in mind that you should declare your major no later than the start of your junior year to ensure that you have enough time to fulfill the major’s requirements. The earlier you declare your major the more time you will have in your schedule for electives.

Choosing your major is the most important academic decision you will make during your undergraduate years. Do not worry if it takes you a year or two to make the decision. You want to feel confident in your abilities to excel in the discipline you choose. If you enter school unsure of what area you wish to pursue, take as many electives in the areas that do interest you to get a feel for the department and the types of courses that you will have to complete to earn your degree. Pick the brain of your academic advisor. Explain to your advisor your interests in high school. Generating an open dialogue about how you feel about college and your future will help you make an informed decision.