Public Speaking Style

The power of a good speech is almost unparallel to anything else, a good speech can make huge changes in societies, bring conflicts to an end and start revolutions. Maybe you are not interested in this kind of speech making, but a good speaker will have the ability to move any obstacle he wants on his way to making his point clearly understood. The speech making ability is not only something that is a gift, it is something that can be learned and acquired. Many look up to fam...


Applying the death sentence on those who dump a baby (if the baby dies) will not solve the problem. What if that girl or woman had been raped by her boyfriend or, worse, by a close family member? Would this be fair to her? There should be no knee-jerk reaction.

Persuasive Speech – written Speech Article

What is a persuasive speech paper? When you are required to deliver a good speech over the class, it is important that you first create a plan. This plan should be in written form so that you can easily re-affirm anytime what you have to say to the audience. A persuasive speech document can become your reliable source to deliver exactly what you want to present.

Speech Writer

Speech WriterSo if you decided to write a speech on any topic, or a professor asked you to make a speech on a specific topic – you definitely need some assistance in writing it, or you need to find a qualified speech writer to write the whole paper for you.
The main point of doing speeches – is to be able to write a great quality speech according to your own personality, for you to be able to deliver the message of the speech to the audience effectively.

Pregnancy and the Flu

Influenza, or the flu, is a very contagious virus that affects the upper respiratory system causing fever, muscle aches, cough, sore throat, runny nose and weakness. The flu usually makes its appearance in winter and early spring, but it can also strike in the fall and late spring as well.

The Effects of Alcohol on Pregnancy

The Effects of Alcohol on Pregnancy
Pregnant women who consume alcoholic beverages while pregnant, in my eyes, should be prosecuted for child abuse and even, depending on the severity, attempted murder and murder. The fetus receives no benefits from the mother?s drinking. On the contrary, the results of an alcohol abused pregnancy are usually quite devastating whether they are a direct effect of the mother?s drunkenness on the unborn child or a disease such as fetal alcohol syndrome or potential addiction on the delivered child.

Vocational Schools That You Can Find In Ohio

Joanne didn’t have any idea what to take up in college. The reason could have been because this person got pregnant at the age of 16. Despite the challenges, the woman was still able to finish high school a year later than this person’s friends.

A few years later over a cup of coffee with some friends, this person thought of going back to school. Joanne may have been clueless that time but was thinking of pursuing business in a vocational school nearby.

Seeing that Joan...

Impromptu Speech

Impromptu SpeechThe first basic assignment which you are given in college is to write a good impromptu speech. In order to be able to write a good impromptu speech – you have to have great writing skills as well as imagination and creativity. Be prepared to write an impromptu speech on an unusual impromptu speech topic, and be ready to spend a lot of time writing an impromptu speech.

Smoking in the United States

Smoking in the United States
if cigarettes were banned in the United States, the government could apend the money currently used to pay medical bills, on more necessary causes. Instead of this money being used for diseases which were knowingly brought upon by the smoker him or herslf, this money could be used in finding a cure for diseases that are not preventable. Perhaps the saddest effect of smoking is that on pregnant smokers and their babies. When pregnant women smoke, their babies are being forced to smoke, too. many women begin smoking at an early age and find it hard to quit even during pregnancy. Information given from Health Watch discribes smoking as a harmful gas and deadly substance thats passes throughout baby?s blood from mother?s blood (2). This selfish act on the mothers part can result in miscarriage, stillborn (sids).When a pregnant woman smokes, the various chemicals, including nicotine and carbon monoxide , also affect the baby. ?These chemicals have a direcct effect on the growth of the fetus.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive Speech
Persuasion is an art whose mastery will stand you in good stead for years to come, when you need to get your point across. In this article, I have shared some simple tips on how to write a persuasive speech, for people who are attempting for the first time.