Essay – My School

An essay – my school is probably the simplest exercise a student has to complete in school. Essay writing is a form of expression that starts early. Students find it easy to talk about their school. At a young age, students are much more observant than older children in High School. After the initial hesitation, they find their school the ideal place to express themselves, meet other children, and learn about it in detail. The many annual and other social events, craft, sports, and extracurricular activities allow them to learn more about it.

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The outsiders essay topics

The outsiders essay topicsThe outsiders essay topics should mainly focus on the social classes. The outsiders is a unique novel not only because of its storyline but also because of the fact that the author of the book is a 15 year old girl. The author narrates the experience of one of her dear friends on the novel. This book focuses on a strong rivalry between two groups, which was mainly focused around their socioeconomic status and this is also the main focus of the book.

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Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Philosophy Research Paper TopicsPhilosophy is an interesting discipline, but one of the most complicated. A lot of scholars consider Philosophy to be the basis of science. This discipline helps understand the nature of people; it explains our existence and our relations with other people and everything that is around us. Research paper topics can be chosen form various areas of Philosophy.

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A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics

A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics
A-Level Chemistry Coursework – Tips and Topics
It will not be a surprise for you to hear that A-level Chemistry coursework writing is challenging for any student. A-level is the key-word here, which means that you are going to write an advanced level paper.

A-level Chemistry courseworks requires various skills and knowledge. What is more, you will have to consider a serious problem within your work. Still, the topic of your A-level Chemistry coursework should meet all the requirements for advanced level papers.

While writing your A-level Chemistry coursework, you will be making observations, calculations, and measurements. Thus, you have to be attentive not to make some silly mistakes. Make sure that you are aware of how to use all the chemical tools and equipment.

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Term Paper Format

Term Paper Format
Term Paper Format
A good term paper is a paper that is properly structured and perfectly formatted. If a term paper format is incorrect, the grade might be lowered. If you do not want your grade to be low because of the wrong term paper format only, you should get to know what format your term paper should be written in.

The most widely used term paper formats are: Harvard, Modern Language Association style and American Psychological Association style. Let us consider each of them:
- MLA term paper format. MLA term paper format requires a paper to be done on a white paper using Times New Roman font. The text should be single-spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides. One of the most essential peculiarities of MLA term paper format is that the header is placed in the right upper hand corner of the title page, the reference page presents the list of sources, alphabetized by the authors’ last names;

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Don’t Forget to Go to Fish Camp

Don’t Forget to Go to Fish Camp
Don’t Forget to Go to Fish Camp
You have been accepted into your college of choice and now you have a million things on your mind. Packing, moving, registering for classes, getting your textbooks – all of these are mandatory activities that you must complete before your first 8 A.M. class even begins. It is easy to let something optional, like Fish Camp, slide by the wayside when you already have so much on your plate. But Fish Camp can actually be a huge benefit to incoming freshmen, and you should try your hardest to squeeze attending the orientation into your already packed schedule.

Fish Camp, formally known as "freshmen orientation," is something that all universities throw in order to introduce incoming freshmen to the college’s particular traditions and day-to-day operations. It also serves to introduce incoming first-year students to the college life in general. Some schools also invite transfer students to orientation sessions so that they may learn the ropes of the college as well. This is beneficial even to students who do not plan to spend an extraneous amount of time on campus, such as commuter students.

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Top 10 Worst Greek Hazing Scandals & Stories

Top 10 Worst Greek Hazing Scandals & Stories
Top 10 Worst Greek Hazing Scandals & Stories
Hazing is nothing new, with accounts going back to the time of Plato. Unfortunately the hazing taking place within fraternities and sororities since the beginning of the 20th century has gotten progressively more severe. Each year students die at the hands of other students, often, but not always, involving massive amounts of alcohol. Perhaps highlighting these untimely deaths can serve to alert students to the dangers of hazing and help prevent future tragedies.
Isaac William Rand. One of the first hazing incidents that set off 100 years of horrific Greek hazing happened at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1912. Isaac William Rand fell from a barrel on which he was standing. He landed on a broken bottle that pierced his jugular vein, and Rand bled to death. The four students associated with the hazing incident were expelled from the university. One was acquitted and the other three were found guilty of manslaughter.

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Dub Revolution

Dub Revolution
In the modern age of electronic music, the word ìdubî has become a buzzword for virtually any style of music that utilizes the remixing of prerecorded sound as a mode of artistic expression. The idea of taking apart the various instruments and components that make up a recording and remixing them into something that sounds completely different is a common practice today, being used in various styles of music such as jungle, house, hip-hop, and even metal. It is often overlooked, however, that the dub technique and style originated in Jamaican rocksteady and reggae. The great sound system engineers of Jamaica in the late 1960s and early 1970s pioneered the instrumental remix and were the first to make the style popular. Using only primitive recording and mixing equipment, the mixing engineer took a lead role in defining the sound of the recording, using the mixing board as his instrument.

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The Domino Effect in William Shakespeare's Hamlet

The Domino Effect in William Shakespeare's Hamlet
If there is one game that turns the gears in the mind of a child, it is dominos. The excitement that builds as one carefully sets up each domino at a time, being sure not to tip any of the pieces over until he or she creates a marvelous maze with curves and zigzags swooping side to side. Finally, after diligently finishing his or her masterpiece, the big moment arrives. The excited child slowly reaches over to the very first domino that he or she has set up, and taps it. The youth watches in awe as a chain reaction occurs right in front of his or her eyes. The child thinks to itself, ?Wow. I cannot believe that one action can affect so many of the other dominos.? The chain reaction of a domino set relates with the complex events that occur through out William Shakespear?s tragedy, ?Hamlet?. When King Claudius murders his brother at the beginning of the play, he ?taps the first domino? in a series of murders that eventually revenge him to his own death. By tracing the domino effect that Claudius begins after killing Hamlet senior, the theme of revenge becomes prominent through the play.

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Clinton Administrations Proposal To Increase Taxes For Multinational

Clinton Administrations Proposal To Increase Taxes For Multinational
My topic is the increase if the taxes which Clinton Administration is
planning. This increase in taxes will target "multinational Corporations, end
the favored tax treatment of extra long term bonds", It will also raise capital
gains taxes by ?changing the rules for computing the cost basis of securities
when they are sold at a profit?. What this will do is increase the taxes for the
rich and will decrease the difference between the rich and the poor. The plan is
intent on cutting the middle class tax and finance higher education (yeah right).
The current tax law decreases the Federal Treasury Revenue and makes the economy
less efficient or less competitive.

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