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• Persecution of the Filipino patriots who signed the “Anti-friar Petition of 1888” • Persecution of Calamba tenants • Furious attacks on Rizal by Senator Salamanca and Vida in the Spanish Cortes and by Desengaños (Wenseslao E. Retana) and Quioquiap (Pablo Feced) in spanish newspapers • Rizal’s brother-in-law, Manuel Hidalgo was exiled in Bohol

“Cheaper by the Dozen” Book Report

“Cheaper by the Dozen” Book ReportWriting “Cheaper by the dozen” book report means that you have got a perfect opportunity to express your personal opinion on this book. Probably, you will need some help in writing your “Cheaper by a dozen” book report. In this case, the article given is what you were looking for. It presents the points that you can cover in your “Cheaper by the dozen” book report. Be sure to get the highest grade after reading this article.

The Outsiders Book Report

The Outsiders Book ReportHave you recently finished reading “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton? Then you should be prepared for writing “The Outsiders” book report. However, you should not be afraid of writing this piece of assignment, since we are glad to help you by providing the tips on effective “The Outsiders” book report writing.
Brief information on the author. Do not provide many details.

Book Report

Book ReportWhen given a task of writing a book report most students give a deep sigh in response. This type of writing, however, is one of the best ways to expand your literary horizons. Most book reports follow a similar format, but your teacher will probably outline what he or she expects from you. Follow those instructions first. Bear in mind that a book report is completely factual.

Marines on Trial for Raping Filipino Woman

It happened back in November in the Philippines. A woman, called by the pseudonym “Nicole,” was allegedly raped by four U.S. Marines. Currently the U.S. embassy has custody of the Marines.

Nothing but the Truth Book Report

Nothing but the Truth Book Report“Nothing but the Truth” is a documentary novel, which describes such issues as relations between students and teachers, parents and children. If you want to write Nothing but the Truth book report, you should, first of all, remember that this will be a rather captivating task. The book is about a young boy, who cannot accept his own mistakes and blames his teacher of English for this.

Milkweed Book Report Writing

Milkweed Book Report WritingDo you have to write a book report on Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli? Well, you have got a perfect opportunity to read this book, which is highly-rated by other students. You can also listen to the audio version of this book online and complete your Milkweed book report. What points should be covered in your Milkweed book reports? Let us talk about them...

Freak the Mighty Book Report

Freak the Mighty Book ReportSooner or later every student gets such assignment as book report writing. It is very important to know how to write it properly, since it differs from other kinds of written papers (for example, term papers, research papers, etc). This time I want to offer you several ideas for writing your Freak the Mighty book report (“Freak the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick, published in 1993).

Writing a Book Report

Out of the many types of writing assignments you will be facing during your academic curriculum, one could be that of writing a book report. Understanding the difference between the different types of academic writing projects will help you in performing well in these assessments. You should use the given guidelines or instructions for the purpose of understanding the given assignment.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Book Report

I Know What You Did Last Summer Book ReportTo read “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and to watch the film based on this book is definitely not the same. It happens sometimes that you read a book and you like it, but when you watch a film based on this book, you consider it to be a complete disaster. Sometimes it is vise versa. It depends. I think you have watched the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.