What is an essay

An essay is a well researched and logically structured answer to a particular question, or questions, usually presented as an argument. It is a point of view formulated by critically assessing the information or ideas relevant to the essay topic. It is presented in the form of a series of main points which support your direct answer to the question. Each of these points is addressed in a separate paragraph and is supported with evidence, explanation and/or examples. The argument presented in an essay should be supported by referencing authorities in the relevant field

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Challenging a Will in Florida - A Short Primer

As more people are kept alive long after the mind functions properly, some family members, healthcare workers and others see opportunity to cause the estate plan of an elderly person in mental decline to be changed. Such changes victimize the elderly person as well as the family members who have lost their inheritance. The article walks through the basic requirements of challenging a will in Florida.

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Montessori Home Schooling

The Montessori home schooling method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s to educate children from poor families in San Lorenzo Rome. Dr. Montessori developed a method of teaching children as children, rather than smaller adults. Instead of pigeonholing children into the common institutionalized methods such as grading and testing, the Montessori home schooling method allows children develop their talents, takes note of weaknesses, and encourages children ...

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Classification Essay Topics

There are some teachers who would like the students to compose a classification essay. This is a good idea for them to learn how to organize things. But sometimes, having the motivation or reason to write an essay is not enough. It may also be a troublesome experience to choose the best topic for writing. Let us talk about your classification essay topic options to realize.

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College Essays Editing: Must-Do Check-Out Before Turning Your Paper

Essay writing is not over until your college essay is carefully edited and checked for mistakes. It is your last chance to go through a paper with a fine-tooth comb and eliminate the drawbacks, defects, and shortcomings you let slip in the writing process. Only when your college essay is carefully and accurately edited, you may be sure it is all shipshape, impeccable and ready to turn in.

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Some died from exposure, after not
finding shelter from the North's frozen winter. Most slaves were not
allowed to learn to read and remained illiterate. Their not being able
to read or understand the fact that they had money of their own often
lead cruel salesmen and employers to take advantage of the blacks.
Those who learned to do specific jobs in the South often took up
similar jobs in the North. The need for the railroa

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Write Your Best Scholarship Essay

Write Your Best Scholarship Essay
We always dream of a good life. This is the same thing that happens to a student when he wants to enroll in a college or university without having to spend a penny. When we want to pay for our education, it is always a matter of mindset to find a scholarship program that will assist us financially.

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Everything about a Good Thesis Statement

Everything about a Good Thesis Statement
Everything about a Good Thesis Statement
You have definitely heard about the importance of a good thesis statement. Maybe, you even have some instructions from your tutor on how to make it. Yet, you cannot understand them. They seem to be vague and boring.

You know, we can also provide you with good instructions on how to create a perfect thesis statement. Read this article up to the end and make sure that we are telling the truth.

A definition of a thesis statement

We have a really simple definition that you will get at once. A thesis statement is a sentence or two that explain the gist of your paper.

So, you see, we have a short and clear definition. Now, let us give you more details about a good thesis statement using vivid examples for you not to get bored. A good thesis statement does not announce a subject but rather takes a stand.

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Essays about Global Warming

Essays about Global Warming
Essays about Global Warming
If you have to make an essay about global warming, be ready to get shocked from the information on global warming that you will find. Essays on global warming are a kind of a request to humanity ‘Stop civilization development!’

The following tips will help you create a comprehensive essay on global warming and get a high grade on it:
- Consider and analyze ocean warming and sea-level rise in your essay about global warming. Essays about global warming can aim to investigate the processes taking place in the World Oceans and seas. What results does ocean warming yield? What species of fish are endangered? Talk about it in your essay about global warming;
- Discuss the heat waves regions. Essays on global warming can also aim to consider the regions where temperature in summer is simply unbearable. What caused such temperature rise? Investigate these regions in your global warming essay;

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Using classification essay examples

Using classification essay examples
Any teacher would recommend you not to use any classification essay examples. Of course, it is better if you are totally creative and think yourself. But sometimes you can read some classification essay examples just to understand better what you need to write. But be careful with the examples you take, they can be not professional. Read the following tips in order to know how to make you essay look great and impress your teacher.

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