Protecting Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are being protected around the world. National parks are set up along with farms and other organizations that are attempting to protect them. Sea turtles are a difficult animal to protect though because of their migratory habits. They aren’t the kind to stay in one place, and they only come ashore to nest. Most males will never come out of the water once they enter the ocean as a hatchling. The only time they may be seen out of the water is if they are basking in ...

Sea Turtles In North Cyprus

For about one hundred million years, our waters have been visited by the green (Chelonia mydas) and the logger-head (Caretta caretta) turtles. The green turtle only nests in Cyprus, south-east Turkey and sometimes in Israel.

Saving Sea Turtles From Extinction: Turtle Friendly Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Improper outdoor lighting is one of the greatest issues affecting sea turtles - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Let's face it... light pollution and sea turtles just don't go together. Many species are on the verge of extinction... and improper outdoor lighting is a major cause. Not quite sure how this can be? Let's look into this a little further...

Female turtles return to the same area to nest each year. If they return and find bright outdoor lighti...

Saving Private Ryan Essays should focus on WWII

This is a very popular topic for school essays nowadays. A Saving Private Ryan essay has the advantage that every student has watched the movie, or at least has some idea on what this 5 Oscar winning masterpiece is about. So don’t freak out if a teacher asks you to write an essay on this topic, because you could do much worse! Saving Private Ryan essays are interesting to write and read, although you should focus on history topics and not only repeat how amazing the first 27 minutes of Spielberg’s film are.

Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment

Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment
Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment
Writing Saving Private Ryan Essay Needs You to Watch the Movie Intently

Saving Private Ryan essay can be written for students doing English coursework or as essays written for film studies. This essay is a new concept which was introduced after the smashing hit of the movie which debuted in 1998. Therefore, to write an essay on Saving Private Ryan you need to ensure that you pay strict attention when watching the two hours and forty nine minute production.
The Movie Overview

Written by Robert Rodat and directed by world renowned Steven Speilberg, the movie is set in Normandy in World War II. Based on the real life deaths of Agnes Allison’s sons, the movie was an instant success and won many a critical acclaim. The movie grossed a whopping 481.8 million dollars in world wide earnings.

Common Turtle Species

Turtle Species

Turtles are cold-blooded reptiles. They have a shell making them unique from other reptiles. Their upper shell is called the carapace, and a lower shell that protects the belly called the plastron. The carapace and plastron shape and color varies from species to species. One might think it would at least always be a hard shell, which also is untrue. There are softshell turtle species, along with many others.

Some turtle species include Clemmys insculpta ...

Personal Narrative Essays

Personal Narrative EssaysMany students think that writing personal narrative essays is not an easy task. A lot should be analyzed and thought over. Well, not everything is as bad as it seems.
Surely, certain work is to be done. Still, the process of writing personal narrative ssays can turn into a real fun for a student. Let this article be your saving message in a bottle that will present several interesting facts about personal narrative essays.

Why Does The Sky Glow At Night?

Have you ever noticed that the night sky is no longer inky black and full of stars like it used to be? In its place is a strange, orangy glow. The strange orangy glow is a form of light pollution referred to as sky glow.


You have completed your ms, and now what?

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How can I submit it to publishers?

How can I present it?

Here comes the cover letter. It is not difficult to write one, just follow the instructions below.

Submitting the right cover letter to the editors /publishers will increase your chances of getting your work accepted!

What is a cover letter?


This action removed most fisheries from international use, because more than 90 percent of the world’s fisheries are harvested in fairly shallow waters close to land. This policy was supposed to prevent overharvesting by allowing nations to regulate the amounts of fishes and other seafood harvested from their waters. However, many countries also have a policy of open management, in which all fishing boats of that country are given unrestricted access to fishes in national waters.