Harvard format

Academic writing involves the writing of essays that are normally of a scholarly nature. Invariably, the text in all such essays refers to materials and ideas that actually belong to others. This system of referencing third-party materials is called citation. Such a system of citation helps the writer to be consistent and accurate, while making it possible for readers to identify, review and locate the materials cited in the essay. One such style is the Harvard citation format, which is the citation format is used at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

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TOK Essay

Gaining Knowledge Through A TOK Essay
A TOK essay would talk about Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) and try to answer questions that do not have a definite answer. When one has to confront a situation that includes unknown elements, the best solution is to refer to several answers that could help them make an informed decision. Students have to attempt topics that do not offer research material or answers.

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Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"... Damn kids. They're all alike. But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950's technobrain, ever take a look behind the eyes of the hacker? Did you ever wonder what made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him?



Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Essay

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight EssayAfter reading “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” I can not help but see a Christian value rising up out of this story. Once I had reflected back on what I had read I realized that the number three has stood out to me, and that in the bible the number is of great significance. The tap that the Green Knight dealt to Sir Gawain is another symbol that stood out to me as well...

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GCSE Sociology Coursework

GCSE Sociology Coursework
GCSE Sociology Coursework
To write a good GCSE Sociology coursework means to enhance the chances to get a high grade on Sociology at your GCSE exams. So, as far as you have got, to make your GCSE Sociology courseworks in one or two nights is not enough to get a high grade on it. If you want to succeed in completing your GCSE Sociology coursework, you should be prepared for hard work.

So, a good GCSE Sociology coursework is possible under 2 circumstances. One of them is presented above. The other one is that you should get a piece of advice and follow it.
- If you want to succeed in writing your GCSE Sociology coursework, choose an exclusive topic for it. Here comes another question: what topic can be regarded as a unique one? Well, you may use a cross-disciplinary topic in order to find an issue that might be investigated within the research area you need;

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Knowledge Management essay

Knowledge Management essay
Knowledge Management essay
Over the past decade, steady progress has been made on bottom-up, low-level man- management instrumentation of network and computing environments. And more recently, new service management systems have come on the market that work from the top down to develop an objective fact base on the service levels that users experience. What's been missing is the middle ground: Systems-level management, which encompasses fault and performance management.

Device-level management is still moving ahead, and the latest improvements involve embedding Web interfaces directly in devices. These interfaces allow secure browser access using http to the functionality of device-level management agents. This certainly represents an improvement over the telnet-based command line access to these management agents that used to be the norm. Over time, SNMP-based monitoring and measurement collection will be replaced by data exchanges between the element management agent and higher-level management systems that run based on the WBeM CIM Interface Standard (Web-based enterprise Management Common Information Model - see this column in BCR, October 1998, pp. 30-32).

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Research Paper

Research Paper
Research Paper
Research paper writing is a scholastic pursuit that has to be undertaken by any laborious student who has something to investigate and make known to the whole of academia. In fact, the researcher or writer should not be obligated through academic requirements before he or she can writer a college research paper. Continuous investigation and writing should be part and parcel of every student. Take note that the process of learning is an ongoing process and there is no level or age at which research can be stopped. If you are a researcher or you nurse the ambition of becoming one, start today by developing a positive research attitude in you. The followings tips will be useful to you. Follow the links to learn more about history research paper and career research paper writing tips.

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Medical School Essays

Medical School Essays
Medical School Essays
One of the important things you need to do to get in to a first-class medical school is to create a persuasive essay that stands out from the crowd. To do that you have to move away from the stereotype and present yourself as a person that has a balance of both scientific abilities as well as soft skills. The golden rule is keeping it short and interesting.

Medical school essays should start with a captivating beginning that leads in to an engaging theme. Remember to let your individuality flow through your pen. Your Medical school essays should leave the admissions committee feeling like they have met someone really special who can be an ideal candidate for admission.

Basically, medical school essays need to integrate two themes:
What motivates you to become a doctor?

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Unofficial Winds Down

Unofficial Winds Down
Unofficial Winds Down
It’s been a crazy day – to say the least. The earliest I heared someone got up was 6:00am, and as of now, 1am, they are still out. Craziness I say.

Anyway, while meandering around campus I found myself quite amused by the drunkeness. I personally witnessed a girl get forcefully chased down and grabbed by an Illinois State Tropper because she had a beer in her hand. She was taken to the front seat of the police car and after about 20 minutes of pure hilarity she was let go with what looked to be some type of ticket in her hand.

Also while walking back from the heart of campus I walked past a university cop giving two punks public intoxication tickets for having beers on them. (Can these people be any dumber?)

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How to Write an Opening Statement

How to Write an Opening Statement
The article beneath this introduction will deal with how to write an opening statement. If this interests you, then read on.

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