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What is a persuasive speech paper? When you are required to deliver a good speech over the class, it is important that you first create a plan. This plan should be in written form so that you can easily re-affirm anytime what you have to say to the audience. A persuasive speech document can become your reliable source to deliver exactly what you want to present.

Medical Marijuana Essay November 21st, 2010

Medical Marijuana Essay  November 21st, 2010
Medical Marijuana Essay
Medical school studying deals with many issues. Due to great choice of subjects and many requirements students should be ready to answer any king of question related to medical issues and to defend his/her point of view. Marijuana is an extremely controversial issue. There are many arguments for and against this herb. Medicine in particular is extremely interested in usage of marijuana for curing, experimenting and studying purposes. However, the government is against legalization of marijuana as it is a type of drugs. The issue requires special attention and that is why, medical marijuana essays are key essays which students of medical schools have to deal with.

Before writing medical marijuana essay a student needs to get prepared. It is not enough just to have some point of view. Reasonable answer to a properly asked question will help not only to express point of view but also to achieve the necessary goal. There are two stages of medical marijuana essay writing. The first one deals with investigation of the subject itself and the second one is organizing of writing.

Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana
There are many people that are very sick in this world. They don?t want to
live no more. If marijuana makes them happy. If it makes them feel like their
old self again, then I?m all for the legalization for medical purposes only. It
has been proven that marijuana helps out very ill patients. With no other
treatment options. Many patients say that it makes them feel stronger. Scott
a patient on marijuana says " that marijuana is a good medicine." But the feds
need more proof than that. Marijuana can be used to treat pain in many ways.
For nausea, appetite loss caused by advanced cancer and Aids, multiple
sclerosis, glaucoma, and other ailments.

Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Marijuana

Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Marijuana
Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Marijuana
First of all, let us remind you about the steps necessary to take in order to make a good persuasive essay. For argumentative essay ideas and thesis on racism, surf our free academic blog written by professional essay writers.
Research the topic – find the facts that might help you write your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. This might be facts, statistics on people using marijuana, real life examples, and experts’ viewpoints about this problem.
Analyze your audience – think what the reader might tell you in response. Most likely, the reader would like to argue your position. Think what questions might arise in the reader’s mind while reading your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Prepare a number of arguments to incline the reader to accept your point of view. Remember, the reader should agree with you as soon as he/she finishes reading your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana.
Make a plan – a good persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana should be based on an elaborately developed plan. Think over the issues that you would like to highlight in your persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Think about the order these issues should be presented in.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive Speech
Persuasion is an art whose mastery will stand you in good stead for years to come, when you need to get your point across. In this article, I have shared some simple tips on how to write a persuasive speech, for people who are attempting for the first time.

Proven Tips for Writing Persuasive Speech Essays

Proven Tips for Writing Persuasive Speech Essays
Proven Tips for Writing Persuasive Speech Essays
“There is only one way… to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it”.

Dale Carnegie

Is it really so easy to make somebody do something? Is it easy to make somebody change his/her mind or attitude towards something? If you think it is not a problem for you, then writing persuasive speech essays will not be difficult.

However, many students do not seem to share the same opinion about persuasive speech essays. Let us sort out the reasons for that and give several good tips for writing persuasive speech essays.

What is meant under a persuasive speech essay?

In a few words, a persuasive speech essay can be defined as a sort of motivation to do something. It is a paper that should evoke readers’ emotions and urge for some actions, e.g. to buy something or to join an organization.

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech TopicsIf you are in search of some effective persuasive speech topics – you are definitely in the right place. Persuasive speech topics are assigned to every student every year and that is exactly why there is a strong need for good persuasive speech topics. Let’s start with the basics:
A persuasive speech – is a paper, where you have to choose an interesting and most likely conflicting topic...

Research Papers on Marijuana: A High-Powered Idea for You

Research Papers on Marijuana: A High-Powered Idea for YouLet us guess what you are going to present in your research paper on marijuana. It is going to be an argumentative paper where you will take a certain position. Particularly, you will argue for or against legalization of marijuana. Well, you are not original and choose a standard way of writing your marijuana research paper. While it is not the worst idea for your project, it can be much more captivating and exciting.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive SpeechHere are some key points to consider when you need to know how to write a persuasive speech. First, RESEARCH – it is essential that you develop research with a critical eye, persuasion is rarely successfully when the information you gather is easily disproven by peer-reviewed sources or up-to-date results.


The legalization of marijuana is a very debatable subject, some people think it is bad and should be illegal, and some people think it is good in some ways if used properly. It should be legal because it has few negative effects, it serves other purposes than getting people stoned, and it is better than other drugs.
Many advocates say ? Marijuana is a common drug used by many people.?(Sandra) A lot of people think marijuana has numerous amounts of negative effects on the body. Marijuana helps the body in many different ways. It relaxes and relives stress from many people. It has been proven that marijuana does not kill brain cells, like most people seem to think it does. Marijuana also helps the creativity of people. It gives people new and creative ideas. The only negative effect it has on the body is that it speeds up your metabolism which makes you hungry and it causes people to eat a lot of food, which could be bad for people on a diet or that are overweight and should not be eating a lot. Many advocates say, ?some of the greatest books and movies were wrote by people that were on marijuana while they thought of all their ideas.?(William Dudley) ?The U.S. Army released a study about the effects of marijuana. The report concluded that the drug was neither habit forming or dangerous; La Guardia?s report concluded that marijuana was not a gateway drug and that its potential, social, medical, and psychological dangers had been vastly over estimated.?(William J.) So if marijuana does not have many bad effects, and it is not a gateway drug, or it is not dangerous, then why is it prohibited?