Step by Step Guide to writing a perfect essay: Introduction

Step by Step Guide to writing a perfect essay: Introduction
The Introduction is the first paragraph.

Begin with a statement, which interests and orients the reader, often referred to as the HOOK or attention grabber

Developing Excellent US Army Essays

Developing Excellent US Army EssaysSome college or school students may wonder about the reasons for writing US army assignments. Essays on the War of 1812 or essays on William Shakespeare seem to be more typical. Still, it is not a hallucination that you have! You really have to write an army essay. So, let us get down to business if you have no idea of how army enlisted assignments should be completed.

Titles for Essays: How to Learn Making Good Ones

Titles for Essays: How to Learn Making Good OnesWe suppose there is no need to explain you that good titles for essays are extremely important. An effective essay title is not only an attention-grabber. It has some other significant functions: informs the reader on the content of your paper; expresses your attitude to a topic; conveys the overall mood of your essay. Unfortunately, many students have troubles with creating strong titles for essays.

Essay Introduction: Learn to Write an Effective and Striking Introduction of an Essay

For a reader, the introduction of your essay is like an entry point of your essay. It should attract the reader and grab their attention. In the Essay Introduction part, there should be some startling information which may not be always new, but the words should be so used that the reader wants to read more and more of it. The statements used must be up to the point and brief. They should be relevant to the topic.

The Best Tips on How to Write Creative Essays

The Best Tips on How to Write Creative Essays
The Best Tips on How to Write Creative Essays
Perhaps, a talent for writing creative essays is a cherished dream of every student. Indeed, all tutors as well as the readers appreciate such essays much.

Unfortunately, many students think that creative writing is a sort of an inherited feature. Maybe, once or twice they failed to create papers like that. This is the reason why they might think they will never learn how to write creative essays.

In this article, we will prove that any student can learn the basics of creative essays writing. Besides, you will realize that it is not that difficult.

The following creative essay ideas will help you produce a paper of your dream!


The southern attack failed at Stalingrad. After weeks of chaotic retreats and easy German victories, the Red Army solidified its defence and against all the odds clung on to the battered city. In November 1942 Operation Uranus was launched by the Soviets, and the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad was encircled.

How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College EssayThere are different thoughts on writing college essay and people have different thoughts on how to write a college essay. Principally, writing an essay for college is not a major problem if you have a natural flair for writing. College students often get confused in their initial college life when they get instructions from teachers to write a college essay.

M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

The tank of battle of M1 Abrams is combat the principal tank of the army of the United States and the marine bodies of the United States, with three principal versions being to start deployed in 1980: M1, the M1A1, and the M1A2. The last versions of the M1A2 have new armor and package of electronics. It is baptized name of the General Creighton Abrams, former chief of army of personnel and ordering armored regiment of the army thirty-seventh. M1 Abrams replaced M60 Patton in ...


The story must get to its point quickly and keep me on the edge of my seat in order for me to pay attention, otherwise I often find myself becoming distracted and quickly losing interest in the story. This was one of the few aspects about today's assignment that I felt could use a little improvement. The author, Hans Ostrom, gives us some great and interesting information; however, I feel he needs to get to the point in some situations and keep the story flowing. Although I realize some stories are going to be fictional, I reall

David The Great

David The Great
David the great was a true hero, I will now tell you why, he went through all of the events that heroes go through such as a departure, initiation and return. He also was a national figure, he led the Romans to victory in war and was well known by all, and was also forced to leave his family in time of need knowing he may never return to see them.