The most recent classification of clouds was accomplished by the World Meteorological Organization in 1956. This organization lists 10 basic kinds of clouds that are subdivided into species according to their outer shape and inner structure. In addition, cloud varieties are discussed according to arrangement and transparency. There is a height classification which are called high, middle, and low altitudes. The different kinds of clouds are found in these three divisions according to the clouds' altitude.

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Some died from exposure, after not
finding shelter from the North's frozen winter. Most slaves were not
allowed to learn to read and remained illiterate. Their not being able
to read or understand the fact that they had money of their own often
lead cruel salesmen and employers to take advantage of the blacks.
Those who learned to do specific jobs in the South often took up
similar jobs in the North. The need for the railroa

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U.S. Economic Sanctions

U.S. Economic SanctionsWhat are the Costs and Benefits of U.S. Economic Sanctions? Before moving on it’s important to start by defining the meaning of economic sanctions. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines sanctions as penalties that are applied by one or a group of countries on another for various reasons. Sanctions come in the form of tariffs, import or export quotas, trade barriers and import duties.

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Drama Coursework

Drama CourseworkDrama coursework unlike many other types of assignments is the most creative task. Many students think that without having acting skills they will not be able to write a good drama coursework. Certainly, this point of view is wrong, since drama coursework writing does not require experience of acting on a stage. However, drama coursework does require understanding of the play you are writing your paper about.

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what can we learn from liu zhirong

what can we learn from liu zhirong
what can we learn from liu zhirong
Liu Zhirong was a 42-year-old schoolteacher at Tuanjie Elementary School in the Xifeng District of Qingyang City in China. He practiced meditation and aspired to embrace and manifest truthfulness, compassion and tolerance in his daily life. His life was brought to an end prematurely by those who did not have the same lofty ideals to guide them. Zhirong enjoyed the practice of Falun Gong. For more than six years, the Chinese Communist Party has embarked on a campaign to eliminate this peaceful meditation practice and Zhirong was a victim of the CCP’s goal. It is claimed that he was tortured to death in the Tianshui City No 3 Prison on or around January 14th 2006 in Prison Ward number 1. The address of the prison is No 196 Jianshe Road, Tianshui City, Gansu Province.

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What You Need for Writing a Term Paper

What You Need for Writing a Term Paper
What You Need for Writing a Term Paper
“To write an excellent term paper one needs to have super-brain”. If this is what you actually thinking about at the moment, we have to tell you something that will certainly surprise you pleasantly. To be more exact, we are going to persuade you in the opposite – writing a term paper is not that difficult if you know what simple things are needed for it.
What you need for writing a term paper: Thing # 1. Ideas

Ideas are just like seed without which the crop will not grow. Think carefully what kind of crop you would like to cultivate – what research area you would wish to deal with. Probably, there is something you are interested in or would like to know more about. If so, you will have more chances to grow a beautiful plant or to succeed in writing a term paper.

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Leadership Essays Examples

Leadership Essays Examples
Leadership is an important component of human existence functioning in all spheres of our lives. In fact, leadership has been an essential deciding factor throughout our history. Other words, if we trace the entire human history, we will ensure that it is largely shaped by the leaders and charismatic people who actually made the course of the history and we responsible for its major turning points. No one would argue since experience proves that people with well-developed leadership skills and habits typically become very successful. Thus, our understanding of the past as well as the present is closely connected with leadership techniques, skills and methods. The contemporary times will soon become our descendants` past.

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Three Essay Plans For Writing the Discursive Essay

Three Essay Plans For Writing the Discursive Essay
A discursive essay is an expositive/argumentative piece of writing which discusses a particular issue, situation or problem. There are basically three types of discursive essays: a) For and Against; b) Opinion; and c) Solutions to Problems.

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Fuel Wars

Fuel Wars
A response to the increasing gas prices
Over the past two years, it has been said that gas prices would begin to rise in 1999. Immediately, this news grasped the attention of the business sector and public. Both spent their time devising a plan, on how to keep the prices low, but the time has come for these plans to begin working. The fuel prices have increased dramatically and the economy is now starting to feel the effect.
Around the world, the increase of the price of crude oil has hit the public harmfully. May Canadian?s heat their homes with oil, especially on the west coast, and the cost of oil has increased 50% or more with a three-month range. In America, president Clinton has begun spending countless millions of dollars, to aid the families, which who cannot afford to pay for those absurd oil prices. This cause crises causes problems to the families that need every cent they earn to continue on their daily living. The standard of living, per household drops and consumer spending decreases, in order to save enough money to pay for oil. If this continues on, it will very well cause the economy to fall into a contraction period.

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