Tips to Write a Chicago Style Paper

Example of a Chicago Style Paper
A chicago style paper is the essay format chiefly used for writing social science, history and political science papers. In history and social science papers the reference or source is extremely important. For example, when reading about the role of Mary Magdalene in th history of Christianity, the writer would want to know whether a quotation in the article that he or she is reading comes from a review of that time or from a gospel. Since other citation formats like APA or MLA give the name of the author and a short title only, in case of historical studies like the one given above it is much more important to know the source of the information along with the name of the author, so a Chicago-style referencing is much preferred.

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Computer Assisted Language Learning

The connection between computers and language is nothing new. We started seeing it in popular culture back in the 60’s with Star Trek’s communicators. The idea of a universal instant translator of any language into any other language is an extremely appealing problem to techno-linguists. We’re still nowhere near to achieving that dream despite great strides that have been made with automatic translation services online.

There is no fear of losing the language classroom ...

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The Unique Challenges That Face California Schools

The standards of California schools, once regarded as some of the best in the country have begun to slip in nationwide rankings, not just in comparison to past levels but also in comparison to other states in the country. To understand the reason for this decline in California schools, it’s necessary to cast an eye on what makes the golden state the richly diverse melting pot it is – its legions of immigrant populations.

California School Districts have a racially and e...

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Employee Relations

According to Purcell, collectivism can be defined as the "extent to which the organization recognizes the right of employees to have a say in those aspects of management decision making which concern them". (Clark, 1993, 178) The trade union organizations and various other types of employee representative bodies operate as main machinery for collectivism.

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Discursive Essay

How do we write a discursive essay? If you are required to write a discursive essay, then let s become your primary source of info on how to write it. Nevertheless, before we give you the basic steps in writing a discursive essay, let us first establish the description of what a discursive article is. A discursive essay is an article that talks about a topic that is controversial in nature.

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Building Rush Threatens Yarra: Mayor.

Building Rush Threatens Yarra: Mayor.The Yarra River rises in the Great Dividing Range of south central Victoria, flowing west past the towns of Warburton and Warrandyte, until it cuts through Melbourne, where it empties into Hobsons Bay. The upper course contains scenic areas, with woodlands, dairy farms, and vineyards. The Upper Yarra Dam holds back a reservoir that supplies Melbourne with water.

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Terrorism Essay – An Essay with a Vast Scope

Terrorism Essay – An Essay with a Vast Scope
Terrorism Essay – An Essay with a Vast Scope
Terrorism Essay- Basic Guidelines

As Lacquer writes in his book that terrorism is a process that is randomly used to create an environment of instability and uncertainty, by “political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and ethnic groups, by revolutionaries, and by the armies and secret police of governments themselves”. It is thus a violent and unpredictable method to create fear and disharmony amongst the common people, for achieving further gains. A terrorism essay will deal with this topic of violence and anarchy.

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The Art of Persuasion in an Essay

The Art of Persuasion in an Essay
The Art of Persuasion in an Essay

“Rhetoric is the art of discovering, in a particular case, the available means of persuasion.”


Every single human requires the art of persuasion at some point in their lives. As a child, one might use persuasion for the attainment of a toy or as an adult for the acquiring of other objects. A person here might whine, throw tantrums, but this behavior never seems to attain what is wanted by the person and just makes things worst. What one needs here is persuasion as it is the only method that can be sued by one to achieve what he wants. According to definition, “Persuasion is a form of influence. It is the process of guiding people toward the adoption of an idea, attitude, or action by rational and symbolic (though not only logical) means. It is a problem-solving strategy and relies on “appeals” rather than force” (Persuasion, p.1).

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Essay writing tips

Essay writing tips

These essay writing tips will assist you in college essay writing so that the process of generating a paper will become as easy as taking a rest. Any paper type has its own purpose and structure. However, there are some basic elements of an essay which every student should keep in mind during the writing process.

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Persuasive Essays

Persuasive Essays
By Persuasive, we mean tending or having the power to persuade a persuasive argument. Through persuasive essays, you have to persuade the reader into convincing that your point of view is correct by adopting logical reasoning to show that one idea is more legitimate than the other idea. Basically all essays are persuasive essays. Sometimes you are assigned a controversial topic such as different law acts, political related issues, and nuclear issues for your persuasive essays, but an essay on the meaning of an article or poetry is also a persuasive essay. The only difference being that through persuasive essays your attempt or task is to persuade a reader to take some kind of action or adopt a certain point of view.

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