Advantages Of Online Education

Considering an online degree to improve your career and your living style? Online education is definitely a good option. Besides, there are so many advantages with which you can be benefited with if you pursue a distance learning course. Some of the benefits of online education are discussed below.

Low cost:

Online studies cost less than any college direct programs. Universities and college charge very less tuition fee for any online course compared to the direct progr...

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The Virtual Schools Of Tomorrow Are In The Florida Schools Today … With More On The Horizon

The kindergarten through 8th grade virtual school was created in the Florida schools in 2003. It was sold to lawmakers as a great way to save money, offering coursework to replace on-campus teachers and classrooms at a savings of $700 per student. Only students who had attended the Florida schools the previous year were eligible to participate at a cost to the Florida schools of $4,800 per student. The savings over physical classroom instruction for the Florida schools was ex...

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How to Complete and Survive a Doctoral Dissertation

How to Complete and Survive a Doctoral DissertationHow to complete and survive a doctoral dissertation? This is a question that bothers all dissertation writers. However, writing a dissertation becomes even a more acute problem in summer. You go outside in the morning and realize that everybody (including your supervisor) is having fun somewhere on the seashore. You go to the library and the only person you can see there is a sleepy librarian.

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Academic Writing Essay

Academic Writing Essay
Academic Writing Essay
The academic years of a student is spent on academic writing essay. It forms an integral part of the course curriculum and can never be underestimated at any cost. It has some genuine importance for your career. One can depict lot of aspects with the use of such compositions. Some will be highlight the writing style, some will help you to develop the presentation skills and some will be a way to enhance your analytical and deduction skills. You can learn where to get essay writing help online. It can also be factual in nature or creative and depends entirely on the subject you are writing about. However whatever you have to portray on the paper, never be beyond the core theme of the paper.

In general you will not be guided by some specific rules but you must follow some basic guidelines for this. Initially you begin with the research and analysis of the topic itself. This is of vital importance as you must know about the subject you are going to write upon. You have the liberty to write as many rough drafts you want. You can make as many corrections. This will be a great learning process for you.

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Thesis proposal

Thesis proposal
Thesis proposal
Thesis proposal writing is your first step to prop out as an academic writer. Writing this suggestion literally means you already have something or an idea on a topic which you aim to write about. The proposal may be written to fit any length if you are not given any word limit. The limit of your proposal will be answered by the rationale behind your research.

For your proposal to be approved, it must have the following components: a heading, table of contents, theoretical framework, a page for acknowledgement, a preface, objectives of the paper, proposition, methodology of research or investigation, literary appraisal, the study proper, the conclusion, references and appendices. You will not simply be required to outline these titles. You will be expected to put up some writing on each and every topic.

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Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph EssayFive paragraph essays are used to be applied for wide topics. It is more useful to write five paragraphs if you need to describe more than one main topic in the essay. In this kind of essay, main part is divided into three parts.
The introduction as in any other essay consists of an opening idea. It is a generalization about your topic and work on it. Introduction may have a form of quotation, small phrase, quote with historical, national, psychological or other meaning. The last or few last sentences should catch the topic of main ideas, so that it had connection. Than start writing the first paragraph of main part. As each of five parts has its own specific features, it is better to follow some recommendations to write the competent and interesting essay.
The first paragraph of the body should include the strongest argument, most significant example, cleverest illustration, or an obvious beginning point. The first sentence should contain the "reverse hook" which ties in with the transitional hook at the end of the introductory paragraph. The last sentence in this paragraph should include a transitional hook to tie into the second paragraph of the body.

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Benefits of Studying Abroad
Studying abroad not only can benefit for International students, but also have much positive effect on the countries which admit these overseas students to the universities. We should encourage young people to study abroad because of these two aspects of benefit.

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Genius of the 1300's

Genius of the 1300's
The 1300?s were a time on the brink of change. People were putting a higher price on education, literature was coming into the hands of the populace, and art was beginning to reflect life. Aquinas, Dante, and Giotto represented the intellectual, literary, and artistic genius of the 1300?s. These men were ahead of their time by bringing a humanistic aspect to their works. They were concerned with the human being as a creature of this world as well as the next. These men truly show the transition from Medieval to Renaissance. They also showed a balance in their concern with the human soul as well as their concern with the human as an earthly individual.

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War On Drugs

War On Drugs
Have you ever heard the expression ?War on drugs??. That was first used in 1972 when Richard Nixon described a series of govern-mental programs intended to suppress the consumption of certain recreational drugs.
Marijuana was one of them. However the first attack on Marijuana occurred not in 1972 but in1937 when the Marijuana TaxAct was passed.

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The Effect of US Financial Crisis on India

The Effect of US Financial Crisis on India
Lehman Brothers is no more. Merrill Lynch has gone down the Bank of America maw. AIG too could go belly up. With a doubt, these developments in America are the most shocking events to have hit global financial markets. So where did it all begin? And what does it mean for the Indian stock markets? Find out. . .
What is (or was) Lehman Brothers?

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