Ohio Schools Closing the Gap for Students with Disabilities

The Ohio Schools are redefining their Special Education program and closing the gap in the achievement of students with disabilities. The Ohio schools believe that achievement gaps are not the same as ability gaps, and the education system is responsible for ensuring that high achievement is an attainable goal for all students.

Learning Style Exercise Help Identify Root Causes For Learning Disabilities

Identifying the deep and underlying causes of learning disabilities doesn't have to be difficult. A "Learning Style Exercise helps bring to the surface potential causes for many common learning disabilities including dyslexia (difficulty understanding words, sentences, or paragraphs), dyscalculia (difficulty solving mathematical problems and grasping mathematical concepts, and auditory and visual processing disabilities. There are many other disabilities as well that affect p...

Persuasive Essays on Smoking

Persuasive Essays on Smoking
Persuasive Essays on Smoking
Once being assigned to write persuasive essays on smoking, students get confused. Despite the problem being that acute, they do not know what to start with and even what to write about. The information presented in this article will help to make powerful persuasive essays on smoking as it will tell you the secret of inclining the reader to accept your viewpoint.
First of all, think what could make you change your mind if you firmly believe in something. What tone should your interlocutor have? What words should he/she say? Thus, you will get to know your reader more.
Next, do brainstorming. Ask yourself several questions. Why do I/people smoke? Can anything else substitute smoking? (for example, candies, coffee, etc.) Can a person control his/her emotions without smoking?


Regular teachers too must know how to teach such students to read, write, communicate and achieve to the highest educational standards. Excellent education is education that is excellent for all. Children come from all racial, ethnic, and national origins and all economic backgrounds and in all this mix there are some children that have disabilities. If our education system is to be excellent, it must be based on the premise that every student can learn. By implementing inclusion into schools, children learn to accept individual differences. The best way to help children overcome their misconceptions about kids who have disabilities is to bring them together in integrated settings.
Inclusion remains a controversial topic in education because it relates to educational and social values, as well as to our sense of individual worth. There

Free Persuasive Essays

Essay writing may not be for everyone. Usually students that do not have an idea how to compose an article are trapped in the dark regions of failing a subject. But because of the Internet you can now find different materials such as free persuasive essays for your reference.

Persuasive Essay Prompts

We cannot ignore the fact that writing essays can be the most frustrating tasks for a student. Because of the necessary persuasive essay prompts that we are not familiar with, there could be some dilemmas to encounter even in completing a simple persuasive essay . Now, you can get some more tips and essay writing prompts without the need to look for a sample essay .

Special Education Has Changed Over Time

Special education has been assisting students with learning disabilities in the United States education system since the end of World War II. The first push for special education started when a group of parent-organized advocacy groups surfaced. In 1947 one of the first organizations, the American Association on Mental Deficiency, held its first convention. That marked a starting point for special education as we know it today.

Started during the Civil Rights Movement in t...

Topics for Persuasive Essay

Topics for Persuasive EssayWhat a persuasive essay is? Persuasive essay is an article which has objective opinion of someone. You can persuade one to support your point of view, or to do something the person was never going to do. While writing a persuasive essay you must make your reader believe everything you write. The most frequent persuasive essay topics are: Abortion, Smoking, Leading a Healthy Life Style, Women’s Rights etc.

Learning Assessments Pinpoint Potential Learning Disabilities

A learning assessment is the first step in the right direction to help your child overcome common learning disabilities. Since learning struggles manifest themselves in many different ways, a quality learning assessment should start with that in mind. Struggles can range from trouble paying attention in class to difficulty sounding out words or struggling to comprehend reading materials. Quality assessments will identify the specific cause and give you an idea of how to fix t...

Persuasive Speech – written Speech Article

What is a persuasive speech paper? When you are required to deliver a good speech over the class, it is important that you first create a plan. This plan should be in written form so that you can easily re-affirm anytime what you have to say to the audience. A persuasive speech document can become your reliable source to deliver exactly what you want to present.