Historians' Disagreement About the Sinking of the Lusitania

Historians' Disagreement About the Sinking of the Lusitania
On 7th may 1915, the Lusitania was sunk by a German Submarine, U-20, off the south coast of Ireland. The liner was on its scheduled sailing from New York to Liverpool. It was travelling at only 15 knots at the time, as cunard had ordered the captain not to use all of the 4 boilers rooms because of fuel shortages. The Lusitaniasank very quickly in just 18 minutes, at the time; the U.S.A was a neutral country in the war. There are lots of historical question about the reasons for the sinking of Lusitania, so in this essay I am going find the evidence about the sinking of the Lusitania. A passenger arrived in Liverpoolon Saturday may 8th. On the Friday afternoon, at about 2pm, there were off the south ? west coast of Ireland. They said the come from a little below us and about the middle of the vessel on the port side. Starboard side was only higher out of the water and the deck was slanting at the considerable it became impossible to lower any more boats from the starboard side owing to the list of the ship it was usually sixty feet from the boat deck to the water and she was frightened of the jump and she said it was one explosion. This is an eyewitness but written 18 years after the event and she won?t be sure if it was hit in the right side and in the starboard side or port side. Another passenger said that the ship was hit in the starboard side and two greater explosions and lots of people fell 60 or 70 feet into the water. He won?t be sure about the which side because it could be standing in the starboard side and thought port side or he was standing in the port side and thought starboard side but it was written 2 days later. The captain said that they definitely hit starboard side and the captain fired one explosion but he saw two explosions. The captain will know what side he was standing and he knows all the sides so that the explosion surely hit in the starboard side but the German captain could be tying to cover up and saying there is only explosion. On 1 may 1915 the Lusitanialeft New York for Liverpool.

Essay on Population

Essay on PopulationThe world is a very big place with a population of 6,234,250,234 people and always growing. The world and its important resources are being destroyed by populations growing in such small areas. Many of these small areas have many problems of their own because of over population, such as hunger and many poor people.

Overcrowding A Problem For Some Los Angeles Schools

A long time ago, kids went to school in a one-room schoolhouse. Kids ranged in age from around 7 to 16, and were all taught by the same teacher. In the cities, schools were mostly run by religious organizations or sometimes the town’s city council took over the responsibility of educating the young people.

As our population has increased, the need for more teachers and more classrooms and even more school buildings has grown exponentially. Nowhere is that more evident than...

Environmental Problems

Environmental Problems
In today?s environment Palm Beach County alone faces many environmental problems, which can turn disastrous if not taken care of. Included in these problems are air pollution, water contamination, and urban explosion.
Air pollution is a major factor threatening our health and our environment. Due to the pollutants that circulate in the air, many people can come into contact with cancer causing gases. Atmospheric contaminants are derived from human practices, such as gas from automobiles, factories, and even chimneys. Pollutants do not only cause damage to our health, but they cause damage to the health of plants and animals as well. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide cause damage to leaves of crop plants and trees when they enter leaf pores. Exposure of leaves to air pollutants can also break down the waxy coating that helps prevent excessive water loss and damage from diseases, pests, drought, and frost.

Economics Term Paper

Economics Term PaperEconomic term papers are of many kinds and are written for various aspects of economics such as economic factors, economics stability, economic policies, economic growth, state of economy, economic reforms, economic volumes, economic strategy, economic planning economic programs, domestic economic situation, elements of economics, economics deviation, economy division, socioeconomic policies...

Some Types Of Health Care Degrees Online Better Than Others

The explosion in the popularity of online degrees is making news these days, with health care degrees online near the top of the list of popular courses. It's important to keep in mind, however, that not every kind of health care degree is appropriate for online study while others are particularly well suited to this type of program.

A bachelor's degree in nursing would be difficult, if not impossible, to pursue at an online university simply because there are so many han...


A fragment is a broken off piece or a part of a sentence. When you want to avoid fragments, watch out for the no verb fragment and the misplaced period.
The no verb fragment:
(1) No verb at all:
Jim, John and Jasper down by the movie house with everyone else.
(FRAGMENT) (Where is the verb that tells what Jim, John and Jasper are doing?)
Jim, John, and Jasper WAITED (verb) down by the movie house with everyone else. (SENTENCE)

Environmental Apocalypse

Environmental Apocalypse
The environment is in a terrible condition and although an environmental apocalypse is not imminent we are definitely headed down that road. Some of the reasons for our Earth?s trouble are overpopulation, consumerism, and overconsumption.

The earth?s population is ever increasing; it is only a matter of time before there are not enough resources to support life on the planet and the population begins to die off due to lack of food, water, and other resources. With our current population increase rates the population will double within the next century. ?Indeed, the world population did double in thirty-seven years from 1950 to 1987.?; (Ehrlich, 1990) The problem with overpopulation is that even if we all reduce our impact on the environment, when the population doubles, so will the total impact on the earth will be doubled.

An Essay on the Principle of Population

An Essay on the Principle of Population
An Essay on the Principle of Population
Looking for an essay on the principle of population? Below is an essay sample on Hume and causes of the movement of population:
An Essay on the Principle of Population: Free Sample

…In one of the Essays, Hume tried to define the causes of the movements of population. The increase in population which corresponds to the satisfaction of a natural instinct, is desirable in itself: 'For as there is in all men, both male and female, a desire and power of generation, more active than is ever universally excited, the restraints which they lie under must proceed from some difficulties in their situation, which it belongs to a wise legislature carefully to observe and remove'. Without these difficulties 'the human species . . . would more than double every generation'. But these difficulties are of two kinds. They are physical, and depend on the quality of available subsistence. They are also social: 'if everything else be equal, it seems natural to expect that, wherever there are most happiness and virtue, and the wisest institutions, there will also be most people'.

Federal Prison Report

Recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons released an update of their prison population, which included breakdowns of race, sex, sentences and offenses. Currently, there are 189,984 inmates in the United States federal prison system. The breakdown of the information is at times typical and yet surprising other times. Did you know that the average age of a federal inmate is 38?