Where Do You Find Essay Examples For Reference?

Essay examples are required to get a feel of a topic you have to write an essay on. It is sometimes difficult to go beyond a certain stage when writing essays especially when you have to write on a new topic you have not encountered before. It is therefore better to refer to resources which would help you in providing the information you seek.

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Saving Sea Turtles From Extinction: Turtle Friendly Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Improper outdoor lighting is one of the greatest issues affecting sea turtles - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Let's face it... light pollution and sea turtles just don't go together. Many species are on the verge of extinction... and improper outdoor lighting is a major cause. Not quite sure how this can be? Let's look into this a little further...

Female turtles return to the same area to nest each year. If they return and find bright outdoor lighti...

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Will High School Rankings Affect Your Future?

With all the emphasis on mandatory testing and national standards it’s no big surprise that high school rankings have been getting a lot of attention. American high school students face a global economy, high technology demands, and the reality of living in a capitalistic society without the benefit of a solid financial education. Parents, teachers, and students look to high school rankings to help them evaluate their school’s progress and to consider moves to new areas.


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Social Work Essay Topics

What is social work? Apparently not so many people are interested to have a career in social work. But for some, it may be a fulfilling task to help people in terms of providing them care and assistance. A social work essay may then provide some insights on what the scope of this service is.

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Essay on Self Assessment of Learning Style

Essay on Self Assessment of Learning StyleRegardless of the situation, learning is ultimately the individual’s responsibility. Learning will not succeed unless the individual feels a strong sense of ownership and responsibility in the process itself. In all honesty, I have never put much thought into my particular learning style. However, since I decided to embark on a new challenge and opportunity by enrolling in graduate school, I have had to refocus my priorities amidst the everyday stresses of life and my hectic schedule.

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Writing For Greeting Cards

Writing For Greeting Cards
Writing For Greeting Cards
Greeting cards are a wonderful way to express your feelings. They offer a way for us to say what we mean even if we cannot find the words ourselves, which is where greeting card writers come in. They do not receive a byline and never see their work published in national magazines, but they do produce some of the most widely read projects. Writing for greeting cards is especially nice because the word count is low and the pay can be as much, or more, than some publications.

If you want to write for greeting cards, the first thing to do is to become familiar with what is popular and what sells. A greeting card company will not hire you if your material is not fresh and unique. If you are just starting out as a writer and want to get your ink wet, so to speak, write what you know. The same is true when writing for greeting cards.

Your next step will be to find a company that is looking for freelance writers for greeting cards, which can often be found directly from the company’s website. Most have policies regarding freelance submissions and ask that content for greeting cards be submitted to a specific individual within the company. If accepted, your work will be compensated according to the company’s written policy on freelance writing.

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Marriage Essays

Marriage Essays
Marriage Essays
Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who are in love with each other. Well at least this is a simple definition of marriage for a great number of people. However, there are also some concepts about marriage that are either too radical to accept or too abnormal to consider. This is actually a good concept because you can write marriage essays minus the monotonous definition type of writing an article. We will talk about how you can write a quality marriage essay today.

Writing an essay will always be about how to choose the best topic. This is the very start of the writing task. You have to make sure that your topic is something important and significant. It should also be feasible at least if you are going to conduct research. Lastly, the topic must be interesting not only to you but also to the readers that you want to attract and read your essay.

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Sample SAT Essay Questions

Sample SAT Essay Questions
As if the multiple choice questions weren't enough, the new reading section of the SAT requires test takers to workout a sample of their writing in the form of an essay. You might think to yourself: "I'm a horrible writer. How the heck will I be able to get through this portion of the test?"

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The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty
Valuable insight can be gained by understanding how the death penalty evolved and by understanding why many countries have abandoned capital punishment, while others still retain it.

Historically the death penalty has been around a long time. Many countries including the United States have some kind of death sentencing. From around the sixteen hundreds is when the death penalty started to take place. The first man to be killed by the penalty was Daniel Frank, put to death in 1622 for some crime of theft. Since then the death penalty has almost always been a feature of the criminal justice system. Many states after a while outlawed the death penalty. To this day only a few remain outlawed but most have some kind of death sentencing.

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