Biological Causes of Abnormality

Biological Causes of Abnormality
Infection Germs/micro-organisms such as bacteria are known to causes illness, i.e.- physical illness such a measles and influenza. In the same way, mental illnesses have also been linked to known micro-organisms. General Paresis is a mental illness which causes delusion of grandeur, dullness, forgetfulness, mental deterioration and eventually paralysis and death. German neurologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing found that it was caused by the syphilis bacterium. Micro-organisms have also been suggested as a cause of schizophrenia. Genetic factors Some people may inherit illnesses which have been carries on through genes passed down through generations.

A PhD Thesis: Overcoming a Problem that You Will Certainly Face One Day

A PhD Thesis: Overcoming a Problem that You Will Certainly Face One Day 12It seems like your PhD thesis is progressing little by little. You have got used to this kind of work, you know how to solve some basic problems, and you get on well with an advisor. Great! You do have chances to finish your doctoral thesis successfully. Yet, this morning something went wrong with your work. You woke up as usually, had a light breakfast, and turned on your computer. Five minutes, fifteen minutes, half an hour, and… nothing.

Tips for Coping with Lyme Disease

If you’ve ever gotten Lyme disease from an infected tick bite, then you know how uncomfortable the illness can be. Some people don’t realize just how frustrating and painful the disease can be for those suffering from it

Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing
Ever wonder what is Psychic Healing all about? Read on…

The Social Readjustment Rating Scale

The Social Readjustment Rating Scale
The Social Readjustment Rating Scale The Social Readjustment Rating Scale (srrs) was developed by Holmes
and Rahe (1967). This scale uses a variety of life events rated on a
scale of 0-100, with death of spouse at 100, being the most stressful
of the events on the scale. The values of all the experienced events
are then added together to give a total stress score. A number of
studies have shown that people?s illness rates increase following
increase rates in stress scores. However, a number of items on the
scale are vague e.g. ?personal injury or illness? appears to suggest
that someone could have the same stress score for flu and cancer.
Second, there is no general failure to consider the impact of an event
on an individual. Christmas is considered to be a mildly stressful
event, yet to some people, Christmas may seem extremely stressful, as
it may emphasise their loneliness. There is also failure to
distinguish between desirable and undesirable events. For example
pregnancy, could be much desired for a couple who are planning a
family, yet it may seem a disaster to a single mother who is
struggling with life as it is. This is critical, as research has shown
that undesirable events are correlated with illness, but desirable
events are not.

The Biological Model of Abnormality

The Biological Model of Abnormality
The Biological model suggests there are four possible causes of mental
illness, the subject?s genes, biochemistry, infection and

Neuroanatomy, or the nervous system, could be to blame for abnormality, because many Schchizophrenics have irregularly shaped brains comparison to normal people. Yet it is not clear if this is a cause or effect of the illness, all we know is that there is a correlation. There is also a correlation between schizophrenics and biological abnormalities, like high amounts of dopamine. Biochemical factors could be to blame for being mentally ill due to imbalances in their brain chemistry, such as too much or too little of a particular neurotransmitter. These are chemicals which transmit nerve impulses from one synapse to another. Infection could be to blame for abnormality, due to germs, bacteria and viruses. An example of this is with Syphilis which sometimes leads to brain deteriation which gave rise to psychotic behaviours such as delusions.

Illness Among the Chickens

Illness Among the Chickens
The outbreak began in early June, following the first major rush of tourism for the summer. The streets were crowded with tourists?many American, but some Japanese, Koreans, and Europeans as well. As the townspeople focused on selling their wares to the tourists, none noticed the lethargy of their poultry.

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Master Sample Thesis
Master Sample Thesis
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Analysis of the Biological Method

Analysis of the Biological Method
The first one is infection. This explanation says that an infection
can cause mental illness. This can be explained by a study through
which it was proven, that babies who?s mother had the flu when they
were pregnant, had a much greater risk of developing schizophrenia
when they grew up. In other words, contracting illness or disease
could mean that you have a greater chance of developing symptoms of
abnormality. Meaning perhaps that illness or disease could affect the
chemical make up of the brain and therefore could cause abnormality in
some way. There is another example of a study in the nineteenth
century. Syphilis was found to lead to brain deterioration which then
led to psychotic behaviours such as delusions and other things.

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