Choose a topic and set a submission date, in consultation with your supervisor
[to be specified as appropriate for each assignment]
Write a [....] -word essay, in [language], proceeding from the following points
■ How will you address your topic? What is your perspective, and which research question(s) do
you wish to address? How do they relate to scholarship to date?
■ Have you settled on theoretical and methodological frameworks that are suitable and
proportionate to your project, and will help to make your research questions operational?




A well-established organized structure not only is favorable to the consumers, but it is also very favorable for the employees. Having structure not only gives the employees a sense of security, but it also gives them an idea of what to expect at the job and what is expected of the employees. It gives them a method for direction, which in turn inspires them to follow the guidelines set forth for them and do a sufficient job. By setting a structure employees are aware of the consequences of their actions from the beginning of their hire time.

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Essay on Death

Essay on DeathEssays on death such as essays on the death penalty, essays on the Black Death and essays on death and dying are written keeping in consideration the issue of death that is common to all human beings and that will come to all. Many dramas are written that deal with the issue of death and critics write different articles and essays on death for those death-oriented plays.

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When Customers are Owners: The Non Profit Infuse with Board.

When Customers are Owners: The Non Profit Infuse with Board.
When Customers are Owners: The Non Profit Infuse with Board.
Thousands of independent non profit schools are governed not later than Boards of Directors made up first of all of parents. These volunteers allow to purloin charge to dogma finances, fundraising, planning, budgeting, and error of the educate principal or director. With mean or no training, unofficial indoctrinate Boards devour projects involving cash, genuine estate, leasing, contracts, bond, and liability. In some cases these Boards effect renowned things close working together with nursery school staff and parents to construct a community of sustenance for the children in their care. However, often times, hermitical private school Boards flunk to support their institutions and govern them into crises or decline. Put up members are rarely understood the training they necessity to approach their jobs effectively free essays.

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USA Science Custom Papers

USA Science Custom Papers
USA Science Custom Papers
USA Science Custom Papers: Use Custom Writing Service

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USA Science Paper Topics

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Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay

Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay
Writing an Effective Truman Show Essay
Truman Show Essays Bring Media and its Impact on Society to a Focal Point

The effect of media on society is diverse. Sometimes it brings benefits in terms of the awareness being created on various issues and the transparency and accountability it prompts for in various areas such as political and public offices and even corporate world. There are however many ill effects of the media as well. The Truman Show essay will allow students to explore these aspects of media closely from the eyes of this movie producer.

Although media is a means of mass communication, the authenticity, the ethicality and appropriateness of such communications remains a question mark in some instances. Hollywood for instance is where celebrities face the full brunt of intrusive media and its effects on their private lives. One of Hollywood’s “getting back” actions at the media has been through the movie the Truman Show. There are many ways which students assigned the Truman Show essay can approach this subject.

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Biodiesel Fuel

Biodiesel Fuel
The biggest problem the United States faces today when we talk about becoming energy independent is replacing the gas we use to power our vehicles. When we talk about replacing gasoline as the fuel we use to power our vehicles, biomass, hydrogen, and fuel cells are the three most talked about alternatives. Biomass, which is organic material made from plants and animals, contains stored energy from the sun. Biomass in the form of bio fuels can be used to make the same products as those we make from fossil fuels. Its main advantages over fossil fuels are that bio fuels are better for the environment and can be produced right here in the United States.

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Investigating the Effects of Shade From Trees on Plants Below

Investigating the Effects of Shade From Trees on Plants Below
Introduction A collection of living things together at the same place and time is called a Habitat. The main purpose of a habitat is to provide and adequate food supply, a comfortable place to breeding/reproduction to take place and to provide a certain degree of shelter. Examples of various habitats are: ü Forests and woodland/ trees ü Bushes and shrubs ü Ponds/ lakes ü Sand dunes ü Grassland ü Rocky shores ü Mossy brick walls Apart from where the habitat is situated, there are also 5 other key factors that affect the living things in a habitat. These are: 1. Climate: which includes variation in Temperature, the amount of rainfall, the light intensity and wind variation. 2. Biotic: Interaction of living things e.g. food chains/ webs 3. Humans: pollution and insecticides are used which effect the environment. 4. Soil: Variations in soil type lead to certain living things having to live in certain areas 5. Shape of the land and aspect: certain areas of land would not be suitable for all living things because of various obstacles.

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The Effects of Media on Our Lives

The Effects of Media on Our Lives
Social Scientists say that the average American watches too much television and plays too many video games. I would agree with this, because in high school that is all I did, but not so much for me anymore. Back when I was in high school that is all I did. Watch television, play Nintendo, hang out with my friends. However, now that I am in college, I have had to change my ways. It helps a lot that I don?t have either one of those in my dorms.
The media though is a really good thing. It helps us relay messages back and forth. It is a very good source of communication. It informs people of what is happening in our community and throughout the world. The media can also be a very bad thing however. It is sometimes used against people. It can relay a different message than what is being shown. It can make people seem like really bad people when they are really are just regular nice people.

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Investigating Whether the River Yangtze Should be Dammed

Investigating Whether the River Yangtze Should be Dammed
Introduction: If everything goes to plan, China by the year 2009 will have finished the biggest, most expensive, and perhaps the most risky hydroelectric project in history. The dam is 1.3-mile-long, 610 ft high and will create a reservoir as long as Lake Superior. The Chinese refer to it as ?the lake within the gorges.? It will meander 385 miles upstream through cliffs, all the way from the concrete ?megadam? near Yichang upriver to Chongqing. The reservoir?s 10.4 trillion gallons of water will force almost two million valley residents to move from their homes and farmlands with fertile land, as well as the ancient tombs of their ancestors. The people from 13 cities, hundreds nearly thousands of villages, 955 businesses and factories, farmers will have to evacuate 115,000 acres of the richest farmland along the river basin and relocate in unknown, possibly inhospitable territory with lower living standards. This essay will cover the social, economic and environmental effects of this monumental scheme. Where are the Three Gorges?: [image] The waters draining into this huge river, some 6380 Km, come from a massive catchment area. The river flows southwards from the high Qinghai Plateaus and into Tibet. The river from here flows south and almost reaches the Tropics before zigzagging its way north eastwards.

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