Continental Margins

Continental Margins
What is weathering and erosion? Weathering is basically the breakdown and alteration of rocks and minerals at or close to the Earth?s surface into products that are more in equilibrium with the conditions found in its environment. Erosion is ?the removal of weathered rocks by moving water, wind, ice, or gravity? (Thomas and Turk). These two processes together help make the Earth?s surface how it is today. Weathering is a process that is going on most all of the time and involves little or no movement of the decomposed minerals and rocks. There are two main types of weathering that occur on Earth?s surface: physical, and chemical.
Physical weathering, also called mechanical weathering, is the break down of rocks into smaller sized pieces without altering the composition of the rocks and minerals.

The Role of Erosion in Land Development

The Role of Erosion in Land Development
Streams, along with stream erosion, play important parts in the development of the land all over the world. Many important events happen from the result of erosion, including the construction of waterways, erosion of mountains and other natural things, and also deposition of particles.
What is Erosion?
Erosion is the transportation of loose sediments or rock produced by weathering. Moving water is the primary agent for erosion, although ice, gravity, and wind can also cause it. The many kinds of erosion shape the land and make it the way it is today. If it were not for erosion, most of the land would not be the way it is at this time.


" We know that is it only a matter of time before nature takes it's course and our house is in danger of going over the edge. We knew that when we bought the house. What we didn't factor in was how much faster it would happen because of teenagers and kids putting things into the hillside." (Personal Interview. Mr. Skeel, 2004). Because of all these factors so

Investigating the Geographical Processes that are Affecting the Physical and Built Coastal Environment

Investigating the Geographical Processes that are Affecting the Physical and Built Coastal Environment
Investigating the Geographical Processes that are Affecting the Physical and Built Coastal Environment
There are three geographical processes that are affecting the physical
and built coastal environment, they are; erosion, deposition, and
transportation. Erosion is the group of natural processes, including
weathering, dissolution, abrasion, corrosion, and transportation, by
which material is worn away from the earth?s surface, this is mainly
caused by wind, running water, and waves breaking on the coast.
Deposition is the depositing something or the laying down of matter by
a natural process. Transportation is when sand is moved along the
coast by long shore drift.

Narrative Essay Writing Prompt

Do you know what an essay prompt is? If you do not have a topic to write about in your essay, then your teacher might give you a narrative essay writing prompt. The prompt is like the initial case to which you will write a paper about. Usually, it can be in question or instruction form and you have to respond to it. The response is then executed in written form as an essay.

Some Sample Essay Prompts

It is quite a good idea to first listen to the essay prompt of the teacher before you write your own essay. The essay prompt provides you the reasons to write about a topic in an essay and it also give you a sense of direction on what to tackles in the article. There are limitless possibilities to adhere to an essay prompt. Let me give you the possible areas where our teacher might consider getting prompts from.

Middle School Writing Prompts

Have you ever tried writing an essay? If you are not sure what writing prompt is, we will define it to you. Basically, the middle school writing prompt is simply a guide question or instruction to write your paper. Many teachers will provide you a list of prompts that you can use to select the feature of your essay. In some cases however, the teacher will simply give a single prompt for the whole class to write about.

Essay Prompts

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What Exactly is an Essay Prompt?

What Exactly is an Essay Prompt?
An essay prompt is a statement formulated for the purpose of testing the writing skills of the student. In fact an essay prompt motivates more than it tests the skills of the students by encouraging them to produce a piece of writing that reflects their skills and channels their thoughts. Thus an essay prompt inspires the student to express their knowledge in the form of an essay.

The Negative Impacts of Groynes and Revetments on the Beaches

The Negative Impacts of Groynes and Revetments on the Beaches
They spoil the natural scenery (visual pollution). They are expensive to build and maintain. They can cause accelerated erosion further along the coast if they starve areas of beach material by maintaining a beach at that point. Old metal groynes can go rusty and cause accidents for holidaymakers. Therefore local authorities have to consider all these implications before investing in expensive coastal management and protection schemes. Our coastline is constantly changing and is under threat from both the physical processes of weathering and erosion and human pressures caused by its use as a popular recreational area for holidays and day trips. In the UK local authorities like Norfolk have tried to protect our coasts by managing them to stabilise cliffs and slow down their erosion, to slow down the loss of beach caused by longshore drift and to prevent damage to fragile coastal environments caused by trampling and litter. Management basically means to look after and protect. They have done this in a number of ways.