New Learning Standards For Chicago Schools Kindergartners

Chicago schools educators were surprised during their teacher training session in mid-September with new state learning standards for kindergarten students. Previously, Illinois was one of 11 states that did not have learning standards for kindergarten. The state adopted standards for grades one through 12 in 1997 and even have specific “early learning” standards for preschoolers.

Setting academic goals for kindergarten students was not a priority, since attending kinderga...

Choosing A Private Preschool

Choosing a preschool for your youngster can be challenging; and the first decision of many to come regarding their education. Determining the program that will best meet your child’s needs is by far the most important thing. Whether this can be accomplished by sending your child to a private preschool is something that only you can research and decide.

In many cases, private preschool is the only choice available to parents. Preschool programs that are offered through the ...

Reading Activity For Kindergarten

A natural progression in your reading activities with your children is that after you read them to a passage from the story; have them paraphrase the story back to you.

Deciding On Home School Preschool

The decision of whether or not to send a child to preschool is a personal choice largely dependent on adequate and affordable programs in a particular area. While some areas provide district funded programs designed to prepare children for kindergarten, others offer only private preschool programs that come at a price. However, there is also the option of home school preschool that allows parents to prepare their children for kindergarten while controlling the environment and...

Charlotte – Mecklenburg Schools Lead the Nation in Preschool Education Programs

One program in Charlotte Schools is focusing on the littlest learners. Recognizing that good learners begin early, education officials have developed an award winning preschool program called Bright Beginnings.

Nursing Application Essays: How not to Spoil Them

Nursing Application Essays: How not to Spoil ThemWe are sure you know that writing a nursing application essay is the most challenging stage of the application process, which can affect the result greatly.
Probably, right now you think “Oh, what is so special about writing nursing application essays? I want to be a nurse more than anything else. I know I have all necessary qualifications and personal traits for that. I am sure my nursing application essay will stand out!”

College Application Essay Prompts

College Application Essay PromptsThe day of your application has come at last. Since then you will influence your destiny yourself: whether or not you will be enrolled in the school you had been dreaming of for so long. Despite the knowledge you have to demonstrate during the entrance exams you will have to write the best college application essays ever. Do not know how to do it? Read the college essay prompts suggested below...

Help with College Application Essay

Help with College Application Essay
Help with College Application Essay
Dear entrants! This article is created specially for you in order to provide you with help with college application essay writing. May be, you think that such kind of help with college application essay is not necessary for you, but still, it is better to pay attention to this info.

It takes less than five minutes to read this article. But these five minutes will help you save your time when you start writing your application essay.

Our help with college application essay is not a strict list of certain rules, which you should take into consideration. We are just going to give you several pieces of advice which may be helpful for you.

Scholarship Application Tips

Applying for a scholarship is not just filling up an application form and hope that you get response. It should involve careful evaluation and understanding of the whole application process so as to get better chances of winning your most desired scholarship.

To help you on this, here are the tips that you should consider before and during your scholarship application:

·Begin your search early

Like plane seats, more options come during the early stage of application....

A College Application Essay Sample is Certainly Useful

A College Application Essay Sample is Certainly Useful
A College Application Essay Sample is Certainly Useful
Do You Know Why You Need a College Application Essay Example?

The college application essay is an important essay that can help achieve a milestone in a student’s academic life. It is the essay which ensures your entrance into the college of your dreams. Most college applicants are unfamiliar with how to write their college application essays effectively. Due to this reason, many students fail to differentiate themselves from the others who are also competing for the limited number of enrolments in the university courses. Therefore, students must ensure that their college application essay is written in the proper manner, if they expect to be selected. By obtaining a college application essay example, students can improve their own application essay writing skills.