From Work At Home Guitar Teacher To Full Music School

Andrew James Hymel is the owner, proprietor, and music director of Andy Hymel School of Music in Gretna, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. It is a success story that has blossomed from one man’s dream of music education into a consortium of teachers and students who strive for excellence and value the importance of the preservation of the arts in today’s New Orleans.

When asked about his Post Katrina experience, Hymel relied, "It was scary to reopen the school and it...

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Home Schooling For Second Grade Spelling Words

If you are considering or doing home schooling there are some benchmarks you can use.
When your child has reached the equivalency of second grade they have already learned a host of language items. One of these critical learning elements is that of correct spelling. Home educators just like teachers work diligently to reinforce spelling words at the second grade level.

As a home educator you can follow the methodical approach to teaching second grade spelling that is used...

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Houston Schools’ Students Get Hands-on Experience At Space Center

NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston recently hosted a two-day BP Physics Challenge for 886 Houston schools’ students, mostly juniors and seniors, with 800 more students expected to attend. The math and science students either made their own rockets that would be launched outside at the Space Center or conducted other experiments inside.

For those Houston schools’ students, who made their own rockets, they got the full astronaut experience as most rocket launchings were sc...

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Proposed Budget For The New York City Schools

In June 2006, the city announced a proposed operating budget of $14 billion for the New York City schools. Parents and educators are still waiting pessimistically to see the final cut.

Though this year’s unveiling of the New York City schools budget was received more peacefully than in recent years, the city’s past track record makes optimism difficult. Last year’s proposed budget was drastically different after the final cuts were made. Students returning to school last S...

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Student Loan Advice And Information

Student Loans

For many students, the dream of getting a higher education just isn’t possible without the financial aid of a student loan. Fortunately, there are many opportunities out there to apply for and receive a student loan. And even better, is here to give you all the knowledge you need to choose the best student loan for you.

Student loans generally come from two sources: the federal government and private financial institutions, such as banks. ...

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Distance Education

You feel your current status in your work area is taking you absolutely no where some people choose to get some type of distance education by the use of the Internet. However, in some areas this isn’t possible for the simple fact that most of these distance educations are somehow connected to local community colleges or vocational schools as well.

Although in some states, there are ways of going through college courses by the use of the Internet but designed as distance ed...

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Great Study Habits

With many habits, the sooner you start practicing and developing good habits, the better chance you will have that you will continue with them. We all know that good study habits are essential to educational success. Good study habits are an important part of any student's success. We probably can diminish the academic dishonesty by promoting good study habits with students, and letting the students know that good study habits are very important when it comes to school. Still...

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An Information Technology Degree And An Open Door

Of all the most sought-after degree programs there are, the information technology degree is the one that is currently in the hotseat. Information technology is a branch of engineering that basically has to do with utilizing computers and their software to exchange, process and save information. Because there are different types of technology available, there are several different types of IT professionals.

The word technology is widespread now and covers a vast array of d...

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Advantages Of Homeschooling

Why So Many Families are Making the Homeschool Choice

It is no secret, homeschooling is becoming the more and more popular choice for families seeking the best education for their students. And the advantages of homeschooling are so vast that you could easily encounter ten different homeschooling families and hear ten different advantages of homeschooling.

As a result, it is difficult to define the main advantages of homeschooling without missing key advantages or reaso...

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Earn Money Through The School System

Are you a college student who works with children? Or are you an at-home mother looking to earn money part-time while your kids are at school? Are you retired? If the answers to any of these is ‘yes’, then you need to be informed of an easy way to earn money: taking odd jobs through your local school system. The types of school jobs you can earn money with include: working as a school monitor, working as a bus driver aide or working as a substitute teacher.

Working as a sc...

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