Things You Must Do in Your First Week of College

Things You Must Do in Your First Week of College
Things You Must Do in Your First Week of College
Your first week of college can be a shock to the system. You’ve been thinking about this moment for months, maybe even years, and it’s finally time to get started on this important chapter of your life. You’ll probably be confused, elated, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Here’s how to deal with this essential first week in your college career.

Get to know your neighbors. Meeting your roommate will probably happen right away, but don’t wait to meet your residence hall neighbors, either. Walk down the hall and meet some of the people you’re living near. They can be a great resource for information, hanging out, and taking care of things when you’re not around.

Pick a study spot. Some students prefer to study in their dorms, others in the library. Whatever you choose, figure it out this week so that you can get into a regular habit of visiting a study spot that really works for you.

Don’t forget to go to class. It’s obvious, but bears to be repeated. You’ll be busy this week meeting other students, sleeping in, buying books, and partying, but you’ve got to take the time to do what you came to school to do-actually study in class.

Map out your calendar for the semester. On the first day of class, most professors will hand out a syllabus with important dates for the semester. Make note of exam dates, essay due dates, absolutely essential class meetings, and more to make sure they are on your calendar and on your radar so they won’t be missed.

Get lost on campus a few times. Unless you’ve been on a few campus tours, chances are you still have no idea where you’re going. Carve out some time to independently learn your way around on campus. After you’re done with classes for the day, walk around to get familiar with the locations for tomorrow’s classes, find important buildings, and more.

Meet other students. Starting college is an intimidating time, but you don’t have to go it alone. Meet other freshmen and even upperclassmen to make friends for college, find out about parties, and share information with each other.

You may be anxious about your first week of college, but if you take the time to do these important tasks, you’ll have a much easier time getting started.

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