God's E-Mail to Me

God's E-Mail to Me
Something struck me, maybe we are not as bad as we think.God e-mailed me the other day!!!!!! Yes, God. I'm was doubtful at first but when I checked the e-mail address I was convinced, www.heaven.com. Okay, it sounds like a rouse but then again it could be true. Well at this point I think virus but then I was in an adventitious mood so I threw caution to the wind and opened the e-mail. Hmmm my computer still in tact, so far so good. As the web page opened I was further convinced when the artwork displayed was cherubs displayed around a masthead with an etching of Our Creator at center stage. Now, firmly convinced I began to read. The first word. Why?

Why, why what? I dug further into the e-mail. Why are you doing this to each other, the letter continued. Well being somewhat confused and feeling slightly paranoid I thought what did I do? My eyes, seeking explanation, read on. God wanted to know why we are treating each other with malice, seeking our own fortunes while we disregard the well being of our brothers and sisters. I sit in front of my monitor completely confused at this point then it dawns on me, something is wrong, God is all knowing, He should know why, He created us. I sit back to contemplate what is displayed on the monitor. First an e-mail from God then the question of mankind's inhumanity.

Another swig of coffee and a few more brain cells report for duty and maybe I can come up with an answer. I hypothesized that we are used to getting our own way right from the get go. We try to give our children everything they want to make them happy and our husbands and wives are treated the same way. So it is not that we are totally selfish but we are a generous people, and we don't know when to stop. Then the issue of ego steps in, we want to be recognized for what we do, a pat on the back and a nice compliment makes us feel good..This is where things get skewed in the wrong direction.

I scan the e-mail one more time, my brain now working to its fullest capacity and the world becomes more clearer I came to another conclusion. Since we start giving and are rewarded by our family this euphoric feeling becomes addictive. It makes us feel good to see others happy especially when we are the bearer of such tidings. So I feel that people are not being mean to each other it's just that once the feeling of giving sets in we have no boundaries. How we achieve these goals of giving no longer is of consequence, in our minds the ends does justify the means, unconsciously of course. We don't realize who we destroy, but we ultimately get what is most important to us and our loved ones.

Completing my thoughts and getting ready to answer my unique e-mail I summed everything by concluding that we are raised with a double edged sword. First we receive all that we desire. This, deeply embedded in our psyche we grow up remembering these transgressions of our givers and now we have this built in addictions except in reverse, sort of. We were told that it is better to give then receive and found out that giving has it's rewards too, the same euphoric feeling and recognition for our deeds, plus the admiration of our piers. Another addiction, recognition and admiration.

As I started to file my answer onto the electronic screen my thoughts turned to concern, maybe God already knew what my missive contained and this was only a test to see if I was concerned about humanity. I'm sorry God for what mankind is doing to each other and I'll have to bend to Hanlon's Razor for the answer: Never attribute to malice that which can be so easily explained by stupidity.

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