Methodology Writing for your Research Paper

Methodology Writing for your Research Paper
Before you carry out your research, you have to analyze the rationale and feasibility of particular methods for a given study. This is normally written in your research proposal, while the explanation for the methods undertaken is written in the research paper methodology. Different kinds of issues require different forms of approach during data collection and processing with in a given research exercise. These are exactly what the researcher handles in his/her methodology writing.
While analyzing the methods to employ during the study, you need to;

Seek for relevant methods to handle the thesis or argument in your research paper or term paper.
Carry out adequate tests for the feasibility of the method of your choice.
Accurately establish the results level your selected method can attain.
Ensure that the findings acquired by your selected methods can generalize situations beyond your immediate organization.

Always remember that the choice of your methodology will highly depend on the purpose of the research and the type of problem under study. The methodology in your proposal is only a suggestion and is written in a future tense, whereas that in your research paper is in past tense revealing how you actually administered your study methodically.

The Structure of your Methodology Writing

The methodology constitutes a number of areas covering how you are going to carry out your research exercise. It gives a layout of the specific methods to handle particular situations. The methodology can be outlined as follows:

Research design: This may be qualitative and descriptive in which the quality of a situation is studied or analyzed and described accordingly. It may also be quantitative, where the results are numerical in nature.

Sampling: Samples may be used as a representation of a large population. A sample can be non-probability or probability sampling. These also have a number of subcategories.

Tools and Instruments: These are used to establish the facts from respondents. They may include questionnaires, interviews, observations, recording, focused group discussions, tests and diary.

Procedure: This reveals the stages to be undertaken while carrying out your research exercise. You need to be systematic in a way following the terms of reference, administering the research exercise, and revealing how the recommendation letter was obtained. This gives the whole plan of the research exercise procedures exhaustively.

Data collection: Identify the primary and secondary data sources as anticipated. Mention your data sources as may be applied while undertaking the research. Show how you intend to acquire and store data.

Data processing and analysis: You have to reveal how you are supposed to sort, edit, code and represent your data. Then show how the represented data shall be interpreted. Descriptive methods are necessary for the interpretation, comparison and drawing conclusions.

Your methodology will largely depend on the requirements of a given format or will largely depend on the various institutions styles. At this stage of your research proposal you are meant to exhaust the appropriate methods for your research. Try further reading through essay help and various research paper samples.

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