Essay Edge: Psychology Personal Statement Essay Help At Your Fingertips

Essay Edge: Psychology Personal Statement Essay Help At Your Fingertips
Writing the personal statement is the hardest part of the graduate school application package for most students. You've heard the statistics about getting into graduate school and you are well aware that the competition is stiff. And yes, while GPA and GRE test scores do matter to the admissions committee, there is actually quite a bit riding on your personal statement essay. Getting a trusted friend, family member, or colleague to edit your essay is a definite good idea, but what if you want a professional critical review of your work? There are personal statement editing services available for these scenarios. Let's review how Essay Edge can help you.
Essay Edge

One of the advantages of Essay Edge is that this service is actually run by Peterson's, the well-known test preparation company. You have may run across some book titles from this company when you were studying for your entrance exams. The claim to fame for Essay Edge is the offer of the best value personal statement editing service with the highest caliber of professionals. Once you begin working with this service, you will have access to a team of professional writers and editors. These editors have a combination of educational knowledge and practical know-how to meet the needs of applicants across every major area or field of study. What kind of education and know-how? Staff members hold a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees, and prior experience in college admissions or essay editing.

Psychology Personal Statement Editing

If you're applying to psychology graduate programs, Essay Edge is well-suited to meet your specific needs. Masters and doctoral programs in psychology are a popular choice for graduate school applicants. Clinical psychology graduate programs, in particular, are perhaps the most competitive to get admitted to. Your personal statement is your opportunity to grab the attention of the admissions committee. A well-written admissions essay can literally pull you head and shoulders above the competition.

Essay Edge issues this specific bit of advice to applicants to grad school in psychology: An effective personal statement clearly defines the talents and attributes you have that can be further refined and developed through graduate study. It is a non-negotiable that your essay is clear, concise, full of character, and compelling to the admissions committee. You will find that there are a number of service options to choose from - whether you need to start from scratch with a brainstorming session or whether your essay is virtually done and simply needs a critical review from a set of well-trained eyes and a bit of "polish." Giving your essay the once over before you submit can take as little as 48 hours while the more intensive level of service takes place over a 2.5 week time frame (along with actual phone consultation with a staff member).

One of the guarantees from Essay Edge is that their services are among the most affordable that you will find. You can get a critical review and proofreading for your essay with a 48 hour turnaround for approximately $100. Before you hand over your Visa, do yourself a favor and do some research on comparable personal editing service companies. One of their major competitors is a company called Admissions Consultants. Although their prices are cheaper, Admissions Consultants offers a level of service to help with essay writing from start to finish at a more premium price for a quicker 7-day turnaround.

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