How to Write an Essay on Health Care

How to Write an Essay on Health Care
As with writing an essay on any topic, doing your homework is important! Ensure you understand the question and if necessary check with your tutor. It is essential that your essay has a good introduction, setting out the parameters of the essay. The main body of the essay should provide your arguments for and against the topic and these should be well supported by relevant, current references. The conclusion should sum up all the points you have made throughout and put forward any recommendations for future study.
It is important when writing about healthcare that you get your terminology right! Make sure the spelling is correct and ensure that all legislation is referenced correctly.

Undertaking a literature review is one of the key aspects to a successful essay in healthcare. Issues relating to healthcare change all the time and it is important that you reflect this in your writing.

So what is a literature review? Simple - it is a comprehensive study and interpretation that relates to a particular topic. Why is a literature review so important? Think of how busy you are at work, especially if you work in any aspect of healthcare; there is never enough time to deal with the day to day aspects of your work, let alone sit down to wade through the mountain of reports on healthcare! A literature review makes sense of a body of research and presents you with an analysis of all available literature so that you don't have to research each one individually - perfect!

All individuals who work in healthcare have a duty to remain up to date with all recent developments and ideas relating to their practice. This is true whether you are writing an essay or not.

A literature review will form the basis of your arguments when writing your essay in healthcare. You will seek out references to help support or argue against your point. A literature review helps you see the full picture.

The strength of evidence put forward may support your argument or indeed the lack of evidence may highlight the need for future research.

It is important to be objective when undertaking a literature review. It could be very easy to find a number of pieces of research to support your argument and ignore the opposing view. Remember when you are reading a report by an expert in a particular subject, it represents their view but may not be supported by strong evidence so you need to seek out that evidence to give weight to your argument.

In summary, a literature review can be the back bone of your essay in healthcare. Reviewing the literature provides a complete picture which is not clear if a single piece of literature or information is viewed in isolation.

Get your literature review right and your essay will make the grade!

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