Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare And Contrast Essay
But as soon as you got to university, you got confused about college essays which you are required to write which you realize are more complex and varied than the ones you used to write, take for example a compare and contrast essay. No matter what type of essay you are required to write, whether admissions, analytical, argumentative and some other essays, selecting a topic is most important.
When selecting a subject for this type of essay, first ask yourself these questions: Who is the person I want to impress? What is the purpose for writing this essay? Once you have addressed these questions, take time to brainstorm your ideas. Look at some really good samples of essays to guide you along the way.

If possible, make a draft or two of the subjects you have chosen to write about. Describe the first subject, followed by a description of the second subject. Reflect on the similarities and differences of your chosen subjects in order to for your reader to gain a deeper understanding of the events, places or people you are comparing.

Make a list of as many similarities as you can find. The order of similarities should be the same throughout the paragraph in order not to confuse your reader, using cue words such as: the same as, on the other hand, in the same manner, similarly, likewise, too, both, and also.

In your contrast paragraph, discuss the differences between the two subjects using conjunctions and contrastive expressions such as: whereas, however, another difference, but, while and different in many ways.

Make up your mind on which similarities and differences you have listed above to focus on. Organize your essay around them. This way you can effectively put across your ideas on the particular subjects you are comparing and make a connection with your reader, the person who you want to impress.

To make a clean and clear presentation, develop an outline technique. One technique is the divided or alternating pattern wherein you describe the details on one side of the comparison and then oppose it on the other side.

You can structure your essay subject by subject-one subject on one side and the other subject on the other side-then show how the subject on one side compares or contrasts with the subject on the other side.

In the final paragraph, make an effective summary of the most important similarities and differences of your two subjects to influence your reader to act positively on your. Do not forget to proofread your work.

Read and reread or have your friend read it aloud and listen to it. Is your essay coherent? Check for spelling and grammar errors. Better yet, make a post editing checklist. You may have to revise a sentence or two. Editing and revision are part of your compare and contrast essay.

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