How to Write a Philosophical Essay Without Even Realizing It

How to Write a Philosophical Essay Without Even Realizing It
Do you have lots of thoughts in your head that you want to express by writing but you're unable to write? Here I will share how I learned writing philosophical essays
First, don't think about writing an essay. You don't want to write an essay. Now, pick a thought from inside your head and write it down in one or two lines. It should be very easy to do. Anyone can write just a couple of lines on what's going on inside one's head. Make sure that here you put down the core idea that's swirling in your head.

Say you are considering writing about friendship, based on the recent thoughts you have had on friendship. You must want to write about it because you think you have had a significant insight on the matter. So, ask yourself what that insight is. The idea is to get straight to the core of the matter. This core idea or insight you have to state in one or two lines.

For example, suppose from your recent experiences and philosophizing you figured out that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This is the insight that you have got, which you want to write about because you consider this insight significant enough. This is the core idea, or thought, or insight in the essay that you will be writing. Write down this core idea in as short as possible. In this example, of course, it will be: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Don't yet think about writing an essay.

Make up an imaginary friend (or you can also imagine your real friend) and show him this short thought you just wrote down. Now imagine that he doesn't understand what it means, and asks you to explain it. This is an imaginary conversation going on inside your head with your imaginary friend. Since you have had this insight, you sure know what experiences you have gone through to arrive at this insight. When you express some thought to your friend and he asks you to explain it, how do you go about explaining it?

Start explaining it to your imaginary friend.

When you are done explaining it to the friend in your head, write down everything that you just said. Alternatively, imagine a friend who lives far off and you are communicating through email. In this case, instead of "talking to him" you will have to write an email to him, explaining your thought. Write an email to him and explain your thought.


Earlier I used to find it very difficult to write articles around my thoughts. Because when you are conscious that you are writing something important, you tend be overcautious, and that doesn't allow you to write satisfactorily at all. At least with me that was the case, I figured.

Then I started this thing: When ever I would get some thought or insight I would note it down mostly as a one-liner. When I want to write an article I pick one thought, and do what I just described above. Quite a lot of times I end up writing an article that pleasantly surprises me. And what's amazing, I don't even realize I am writing an essay till I have written it!

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