Writing the SAT Essay - Understanding the SAT Writing Prompt

Writing the SAT Essay - Understanding the SAT Writing Prompt
The Writing section, being the latest addition to the SAT, perplexes students. SAT exam score are important for college admission. There is no denying this fact. Writing, for a number of students, is a boring affair. Either they fail to develop a thought-flow to pen down, or find it difficult to express their ideas in a cogent manner. How to organize your writing and better your scores on the SAT? This write-up will serve as a step-by-step guide will simplify the SAT writing approach, and thus aid you to register better SAT exam scores.
The essay section on the SAT analyzes how a student organizes and supports his/her ideas and presents it in a clear way. College and high school teachers generally judge the SAT essays. Students are given 25 minutes to write an essay. One must write in pencil. College Board says that essays are judged on critical thinking, organization, sentence formation, choice of words and other factors such as grammar, spelling and usage. Using the first-person point of view is advisable as teachers would look or your own opinion.

Your essay must incorporate relevant examples to support your view-point. Broad generalizations are not what teachers look for in an essay. Therefore, you must provide specific examples to illustrate your point. Avoiding blanket statements using words like 'always' and 'everyone' can help you impress the jury.

How to get a good score

The most important thing to remember while attempting a SAT essay is to follow the directions. Try answering the question. Most students stray from the given context and start writing about something that has not directly been asked. Most SAT essays contain a passage from a specific author related to a particular topic. Do not forget to refer to this while you write the essay, in addition to offering your point of view.

Do you practice pre-writing? If not, include this aspect in your SAT test preparation plan. When you take SAT practice tests, and attempt the essay section, always make it a point to outline your ideas before starting to write. There are primarily three parts of an essay- introduction, body and conclusion. Ensure that you draft an easy using these parameters. Literary examples are not necessary to be mentioned in your essay. However, if you feel that sing one would not be irrelevant, go ahead and cite in your essay.

While it is important to be confident, being too sure of yourself can sometimes mislead you. Proofreading is the last, but an important part of good essay writing. You should set aside at least five minutes to proofread your essay. Man times, when you would proofread our essay, you would come across some spelling errors, grammar issues and other usage-related problems. If an extra five minutes can make your essay more impressive, I see no reason why you should not proofread it.

The techniques mentioned here need not only be applied on the actual SAT. These need to be implemented from Day 1 of your SAT test preparation program.

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