How To Write a Film Essay

How To Write a Film Essay
Essay writing for the modern student has become a major part of the curriculum and is considered an integral part of formal education in schools and colleges. It may consist of writing literary criticisms, argumentative essays on controversial research topics, personal essays where the writer may relate experiences from his own life. Often writing a good essay is essential to get an admission into a premium college. There are various subjects and topics one can write an essay on. A film essay would mean writing a critical analysis or a narrative essay describing the basic plot of a movie.
Writing a film, television, photography or an art essay is always a little tricky. The writer will have to be quite observant and be able to grasp certain things that are not always expressed clearly in these artistic representations. writing such essays also demand a lot of creativity, originality and a lot of imagination on the part of the writer. This is also an interesting theme to work on, as it will involve a bit of research work on the topic, a part presentation of personal ideas and opinions, and sometimes the writer may also need to add a bit of critical analysis.

Writing a film essay first starts with watching the assigned movie quite thoroughly. One will have to see the movie completely and analyse each scene that strikes as important or a little out of the ordinary. The next best move would be to read some reviews or critical analysis on the movie, so as to get a clear picture. After this the writer should preferably browse through some sample essays on various films and movies, so that he gets an idea as to how to write this type of essay. Then think of a good title and start writing the essay. This essay will have the same format as any other five paragraph essay. Start with a good and attractive introduction. Introduce the topic in such a manner that the reader at once likes what he is reading. The introductory para should have all the terms and terminologies defined and should have a thesis statement at the end. The body should have minimum three paragraphs and should discuss the theme in details. The narrative or the critical analysis on the film should be made here and all personal ideas and opinions presented with the requisite supporting statements. The conclusion should give a brief summary and a strong concluding statement to have long lasting effect on the reader.

A film essay should be specific and written in creative manner. There should be a focus within the written article on the effect the movie had on the media, critics and the general masses. The writer should try to analyse the controversial side of the movie, if any. He can also take a stand and refute his position on the controversial issue. The best way to write this essay is to first watch the movie, then prepare an outline, research on the given theme and write according to the prepared outline. Once the writing is over then the writer should do the proofreading and editing part very carefully so that he is able to present an error free paper. For expert assistance you will have to come to and order for a custom essay.

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