Tips to Write a Comparative Essay

Tips to Write a Comparative Essay
Comparative essays are written to compare and correctly analyse similar and dissimilar characteristics of any two given objects. The writer may be asked to discuss for or against a certain given point while comparing two objects, or may be asked to ‘compare’ two books, places, objects or people. Just make sure that you choose two themes that are related and therefore can be compared, in the essay.
While writing a comparative essay first one should closely analyse the given topic. Do a thorough research on the two given topics so that you have a good understanding on both of them. A good research will help you to write fluently on the the research question and will enable you to compare easily.

In the introductory paragraph start with a general discussion that helps to establish the connection between the two given topics. Then point out the specific point of focus of the essay, and let your reader have an idea as to what the entire essay will be all about.

A comparative essay like any other essay will follow a standard essay format pattern(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard). It will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. However there are certain methods in which way the main body of the essay can be possibly made to develop.

Method 1:

Here you can develop each paragraph in such a manner that is contains each half of the two themes. As for example,

Compare winter and summer

paragraph 1: signs of summer/ signs of summer

paragraph 2: benefits of summer/ benefits of winter

paragraph 3: drawbacks of summer/drawbacks of winter

Method 2:

Here you can alternately write on each subject in each pargaraph.

paragraph 1: signs of summer

paragraph 2: signs of winter

paragraph 3: benefits of summer

paragraph 4 : benefits of winter

and so on and so forth.

Method 3:

Here you can describe one subject in the first half of the body while the latter half will discuss the second topic.

paragraph 1: signs of summer

paragraph 2: benefits of summer

paragraph 3: drawbacks of summer

paragraph 4: signs of winter

paragraph 5: benefits of winter

paragraph 6: drawbacks of winter

Care must be taken to write in such a manner that all the paragraphs are linked to each other and flow smoothly into the other, without any hiccup as such. The conclusion of a comparative essay should give a summary of the whole discussed topic, albeit briefly. It should be written in such a manner that it creates a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Comparative essay requires an in depth analysis and deep understanding of both the themes. Individual aspects of each topic needs to given a detailed study and thought. A lot of research work has to be conducted so as to be able to give a good comparative analysis of the two chosen themes.

While writing for this essay choose the topics intelligently, so that they are fairly common, and you don’t face problems while scouting for notes. Develop the main argument well and see that the essay does not lose its continuity. Write logically and use simple sentences to develop the essay. If you need a premium quality paper then do not waste any time, come directly to and place your order for the best possible custom essay paper.

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