Critical Essay writing

Critical Essay writing
A critical essay is your coherent and intelligent analysis of some work of art. A critical essay is not an essay to argue about a particular literary work. It is rather a depiction of the author’s attitude. It is more of an analysis which deals with the point to point approach of an article or a book. The analysis done in a critical essay of an article or book must have the following points
1. A summarized version of the author’s point of view. This will include
A statement depicting the authors’ main idea.
A synopsis of the important facts and figures, which is used to support the idea of the critical essay.
The author’s explicit or implied values.
The author’s concluding points an suggestive actions.
2. The evaluation of the work. This will include -
Assessment of the facts, a whether any important aspects were missed out.
An evaluation of the author’s argument.
Appraisal of the author's values.
A critical essay needs to be informative. It is not about a personal opinion or belief. A critical essay is the study of a work of literature and is backed by facts. It is all about fact finding and then critically study the work based on such ascertained facts. Whatever you write about the work must be provable. It is not based on any assumptions. At times a critical essay can be based on the criticism provided by other essayists or critics.

The critical essay may be based on new findings of the literary work. This can be done by exploring the woks of the author and discussing the same in your critical essay. You must be specific about the points of discussion of the work, but it must also be substantiated by the evidence and facts unearthed from the literary work. But a mere quotation will not do. What is required is going deep into the work and finding the various nuances of it and using the facts to write the essay. The facts can also be taken from the background of the author, the period the work was written or what other critics have to say of the work. Here you will present your opinion on a movie (painting, book) and support it with precise examples, quotations and references from the original. You should overview the strong and the weak points of the work as well as the methods used by the author.

A critical essay preserves the common structure for all other essays you are to give a critical analysis of the author’s work, to evaluate his manner of writing (painting, etc).

The aim of the last part of the essay is to sum up the presented arguments and make sure the reader understands and knows them.

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