Career as Curators

Career as Curators
The career as curators is booming in today?s world. In the career as curators, the curators collect and preserve the important information in the form of documents, or other items and present it to the people. Thus, the career as curators is interesting those who like research work and studying history.
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? Introduction
? Tasks
? Qualification
? Other necessary skills
? Place of work
? Job Opportunities
? Remuneration
? Job Progress
? Employment forecast

In the career as curators, the curators main job is to research and collect pieces of art, specimens to be shown in the museum, or botanical garden, parks, zoo, or art gallery The articles, pieces of art, or other materials in museums are arranged, displayed and organized by the curators. Curators can also specialize in a particular art like painting, sculpture, film, photography, or antique furniture and carvings; others also study a certain art in the history. They also organize tours, workshops, art gallery, and lectures for people. The curators job is interesting as it includes lot of research work.

In the career as curators, the curators perform following tasks:
? Direct and organize all the work in museum, botanical garden, art gallery, or zoo.
? Collect the pieces of art, or specimens, organize them and display them properly so that people can easily view it.
? They store the pieces of art properly as may have to even travel and then present the art in a workshop or art gallery.
? They also authorize the purchase, sale, marketing, and loan collection activities.
? Their main tasks include research, collecting information or specimens and categorize the collected specimens as per the requirement of the employer.
? Other duties involves fundraising, writing articles, journal articles, and publicity.

To enter the career as curators, most of the times a bachelor?s degree is sufficient. A graduate degree in history or library science, or any other subjects related to archival science is the criteria set by most of the employers for the vacancy of curators. However, with bachelor?s degree a relevant experience would be an added advantage. For the post of the curators, most of the museums need candidates with a master?s degree in art, history, archaeology, or any other related subjects. Some of the employers also need the knowledge of business or medications. The knowledge of business administration, fundraising, marketing, and public relations will be an added advantage for the candidates to get jobs in this field.

Other necessary skills:-
To be successful in the career as curators, the candidates should possess following skills:-
? Good interpersonal skills as most of the curators work in a team.
? Excellent research and analytical skills as they need to research for the specimens and then organize and display them.
? Good business, administrative and leadership skills.
? Strong physical stamina as they need to travel extensively

Place of work:-
The place of work in the career as curators varies depending on the type of job. Most of the curators work in museums and work in research centers. Others who work in zoos, gardens or historical sites work in offices. In the curators career, the curators have to travel extensively. They travel to collect specimens, conduct exhibitions, and research in their area of specialization.
Generally curators have to work even on weekends and evenings. Working for longer hours is common in curators job.
Job Opportunities:-
The career as curators has wide scope in many areas. The curators are offered job opportunities by following employers:
? Historical museums
? Zoos
? Botanical gardens
? Libraries
? Parks
? Aquariums
? Historical sites
Some of the curators organize different kinds of workshops, art galleries, or lectures and display their collection which is beneficial to the people.

In the career as curators, the curators get handsome salaries. However, the salary also depends on the type of work, the location o work and the years of experience. Most of the curators, who work in large museums are well paid and are also given many benefits. The benefits include paid holidays, vacation, health and retirement plans.

Job Progress:-
In the career as curators, the entry-level jobs for curators are available for the candidates with a bachelor?s degree. They are supervised by supervisors and have to complete the internship or training period. After the internship period, curators are offered permanent jobs by the employers. With years of experience they are given large research responsibilities. The curators also may perform administrative work or specialize in any particular field like art, botany, history, or paleontology. Some of the curators who have good leadership skills may become museum directors or head of the departments which are the most senior positions available. In large museums, a master?s degree is necessary for most of the senior positions.

Employment forecast:-
The career as curators is supposed to get a great demand in future. The employment is expected to increase tremendously because of the expected increase in museums. The people are getting more and more interested in art, technology, and history and this will increase the demand for curators. The job opportunities are expected to increase especially for fresh graduate students and theses candidates will face a great competition while they enter this career. The government is supposed to increase the number of zoos, botanical gardens, and historical museums so that more people get knowledge about different types of art. Therefore, the job opportunities of curators will increase directly.

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