Career as Librarians

Career as Librarians
In the career as librarians, the librarians use the latest technology to perform research, analyze and classify the material that helps the students and professional to seek information. Thus, the career as librarians is not only handling various types of books but now has expanded its scope. To find out how the career as librarians has transformed you must go through the article below.
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? Introduction
? Tasks
? Qualification
? Other necessary skills
? Place of work
? Job Opportunities
? Remuneration
? Job Progress
? Employment forecast

The career as librarians has a wide scope today. Previously library was a place where there were different types of books and librarians help the students to find relevant books and maintain the records of the books. However, now the concept is totally changed. Today libraries consist paper records, books, advanced electronic resources for information like internet, digital libraries, and remote access to different kinds of information resources. Thus librarians help people to find information which would be beneficial for their educational, professional, or any other purposes.

In the career as librarians, the librarians carry out the following tasks:-
? They categorize similar kind of information books or other resources so that can be easily accessible to readers.
? In school and college libraries, the librarians label the section of books so that students can easily find the book they need.
? They also keep records of the list of books, articles, newspapers, magazines, audiovisual materials, and electronic resources either on catalogue or on computers.
? They analyze the similar kind of information resources and organize them together.
? In organizations, they collect the information relevant to the company and which is important for the employees on the company?s website. Some of them collate information and save on common folders so that all employees have access to the information.
? The government document librarians, who work for local government agencies in each state, preserve the government document publications, or the information about past government actions.
? Some of the librarians in organizations also carry out work related to marketing, publication, information distributors, internet coordination, web content management and design.

In the career as librarians, for the entry-level jobs for librarians the basic qualification needed is a bachelor?s degree in library science. Some of the employers may even take candidates who are undergraduate but taken courses in history of books and printing, role of information, and information science and other related subjects to library science. However, the candidates with a master?s degree in library science (mls) can easily get jobs in most of the public, academic or special libraries. During the mls degree the candidates can specialize in any subject related to library science. The candidates with a Ph.D. in library or information science are eligible to get a job in colleges or for senior-level jobs.

Other necessary skills:-
To enter the career as librarians, the skills that are necessary are as follows:-

? Good interpersonal skills as librarians need to interact with different students, professional and other people.
? Excellent written skills as they also need to make reports of books or information resources.
? Computer skills.
? Organizing and analytical skills.

Place of work:-
In the career as librarians, the librarians spend their time in different libraries depending on the location like
Job Opportunities:-
The career as librarians has wide scope in various areas. They are as follows:-
? Elementary and secondary schools
? Colleges and universities
? Private libraries
? Organizations and businesses
The librarians also work in administrative type of work in organizations. They are also needed to display information of the organization on the internet. These librarians are designated as:-
? System analysts
? Information engineer
? Database specialists
? Web developers
? Local area network(lan) coordinators

In the career as librarians, the salaries that librarians get mostly depends on the type of library, size the location where it is located. The librarians that perform administrative duties mostly get handsome salaries. The librarians that work in junior colleges, universities or elementary and secondary schools are we also well paid. Some of the librarians who work in local government also get handsome salary with different benefits like paid holidays, vacation, and health and retirement plans.

Job Progress:-
In the career as librarians, the entry-level jobs are available in schools or colleges as assistant librarian. With years of experience, the assistant librarians can become senior librarians. Some of them may go for administrative positions such as head of the department, library director, or chief information officer. However, a Ph.D. or master?s degree in Library science or information science is necessary for most of the higher-level jobs.

Employment forecast:-
The employment growth in the career as librarians is expected to slow down in future. The numbers of libraries are expected to be lesser in the future. With the increase in new technologies, and especially internet students and professionals get information readily available on the internet. Thus the readers get information easily on Google search. In this way it saves time, rather than finding books and then searching for the information. Thus the demand for librarians is going to slow don. However, the organizations may need plenty of librarians to mange staff, to set up information related ton the organization on the particular website. For this purpose, the librarians may work as systems analysts, webmasters or web developers, or local area network (lan) coordinators.

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