Career as Market Research Analysts

Career as Market Research Analysts
In the career as market research analysts they mainly carry out Market research. The market research includes study of market or customers. Market research analysts have to collect and study information about markets or customers on behalf of businesses, governments or charities.
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? Introduction
? Tasks
? Qualification
? Other necessary skills
? Place of work
? Job Opportunities
? Remuneration
? Job Progress
? Employment forecast

In the career as market research analysts, their main job is to gather and analyze information related to market study. This information is useful to the business to make decisions regarding whether they should introduce new products in the market, and how to promote the new products in the market.
Presently, there is tremendous competition in all types business. Therefore, it is important for the goods manufacturers to know what the customer expectations are and how they can satisfy the customers? wants and needs.
In the career as market research analysts, decision making is very important .So they follow the decide model.
D- Define the marketing g problem
E- Enumerate all the decision factors
C- Collect information related to markets and customers
I- Identify the best alternatives from the information gathered
D- Develop and implement a plan for marketing
E- Evaluate the decisions and finalize the best alternative.

In the career as marketing research analyst, they have to carry out following tasks:-
? Conduct research of market conditions to determine the sales of products and services.
? Collect information by different ways like surveys, opinion poll, customer feedback, or questionnaires.
? Study and analyze the data gathered and forecast future marketing scope.
? Collect data about the customers and their wants with respect to the products.
? Gather information about competitors and study the prices, sales and methods of marketing strategies. Thereby plan the marketing strategy for their products.
? Prepare conclusion charts and reports based on the information collected.

The basic qualification needed for career as marker research analyst is a bachelor?s degree. However, for a technical position or senior level jobs a master?s degree is preferred most of the times. In addition the knowledge of marketing, sales, business management, consumer behavior, and survey techniques is also beneficial. The other courses that are necessary for a successful career in market research are statistics, mathematics, sampling theory, and computer science.
Other necessary skills:-
To enter the career as market research analyst, the skills that are necessary are given below:-
? Good communication (both oral and written) skills. The market research analysts have to prepare reports and charts, so they should write clearly and precisely.
? Strong analytical and decision- making skills.
? Computer skills are also necessary.

Place of work:-
In the career as market research analyst, they spend most of the time working in offices. They also need to travel for research work and conduct surveys. They visit different places and meet different kind of people to take interviews.
They mostly work for 40 hours a week. However, for surveys, or to collect information thy travel abroad and work for longer hours.

Job Opportunities:-
The career as market research analysts has wide scope. The job opportunities are available in many industries. They are as follows:-
? Marketing firms
? Computer system design and related services
? Manufacturing industries
? Management, scientific and technical consulting services
? Insurance firms

In the career as market research analyst, the salary for entry level positions is good. However, the salary also depends on many factors like education, experience, type of work and the employer. The market research analyst working in computer systems design and related services can expect a handsome salary package. Others working in Management, scientific and technical consulting services also offer handsome salary packages and benefits. The benefits include paid holidays, health insurance, and pension plans.

Job Progress:-
In the career as market research analyst, for the entry ?level jobs like trainee or junior research analyst a bachelor?s degree or master?s degree is usually needed. They can be promoted to senior market research analysts after completing some years of experience in the similar field. Those with a Ph.D. can become professors and achieve promotions as managers easily. Others who have leadership qualities may become supervisors or managers.

Employment forecast:-
In the career as market research analyst, the employment growth is expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. The competition between competitors of similar products is increasing now, and the customer expectations are also increasing. So, it is very important for the organizations to study the market position and fulfill the customer expectations and wants. That is why market research analyst will be in great demand in coming years. Those with a Ph.D. or master?s degree will be in great demand and can get many job opportunities. The Computer systems design and related services are expected to employ market research analysts in large numbers in future.

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