Career as Astronomers

Career as Astronomers
Description:-In the career as astronomers, they the knowledge of science and study the nature of universe, that includes sun, moon, galaxies, planets, and stars. The career as astronomers is really interesting and a challenging job. This can be found out if you go through the following article.

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? Introduction
? Qualification
? Tasks
? Other necessary skills
? Place of work
? Job Opportunities
? Remuneration
? Job Progress
? Employment forecast

In the career as astronomers, the professionals mainly study the astronomy science. Astronomy is a natural science that includes the study of planets, stars, comets, star clusters and galaxies. It is concerned with the evolution, chemistry, physics, meteorology of celestial objects as well as formation and development of the universe. Astronomers are also called astrophysicists. Astronomers mostly specialize in one area such as the solar system, sun, or in the development of new ways for observations.

In the career as astronomers the tasks that are carried out are as follows:-
? Carry out different types of research for finding information related to universe.
? Calculate orbits, and determine the characteristics like size, shape, brightness and motions of different celestial bodies.
? Study the celestial phenomena by using equipments like optical or radio telescopes, cameras, micrometers, radiometers, and photometers. These equipments may be either on the earth or attached with rockets, satellites, or situated in space.
? Using the mathematical knowledge, they make observations of exact position of sun, moon, planets and stars at given time that is useful for sea and air navigators.
? Some of them may also develop new and improved ways and design instruments for astronomical research.
? Apply knowledge to solve problems related in navigation, space flight and satellite communication.
? Raise funds for scientific research.
? Measure the radiations emitted in and around space like radio, infrared, gamma, and x-ray emissions.
? Gather different types of information required for observation, calculation and conclusions in their research.

In the career as astronomers, their main work is to carry out different research related to universe. That is why, most of the times post doctoral degrees or master?s degree in astronomy or related fields like astrophysics is usually needed. It takes four years of full-time study to complete doctoral degree. However, those with a bachelor?s degree in physics or astronomy are only needed for entry-level positions like research assistants or technicians.

Other necessary skills:-
To enter the career as astronomers, some skills are needed. They are as follows:-
? Good oral and written skills. Excellent interpersonal skills are needed as astronomers have to mostly work as a team.
? Logical, analytical and problem solving skills.
? Strong decision-making skills.
? Good observation and a mind to learn new things are the basic things needed for astronomers.
? Computer skills are also needed.

Place of work:-
In the career as astronomers they spend most of their time working in well-equipped offices, labs, classrooms, and observatories. The astronomers sometimes need to travel for research work and visit observation sites. They usually work for long hours, and also work at night and at weekends.

Job Opportunities:-
In the career as astronomers, the astronomers have a wide scope and the jobs are mainly available in national research centers, museums, planetariums, and also in colleges and universities. They also get a chance to work in well known institutes like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa) and the U.S. naval Observatory. A few also work in aerospace industry. They also have great scope in space technology and weather forecasting.

In the career as astronomers, the average annual salary is good especially for those working in research centers, but a lot of money is needed to carry out the research work. So for those working in government centers can expect a good amount of salary package. However, the salary also depends on different factors like type of work, location, experience, and education. Those with a Ph.D. and master?s degree can get handsome salary packages and also benefits like paid holidays, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Job Progress:-
In the career as astronomers, those working in research centers as research assistants and technicians can be promoted as senior researchers. They can also get promoted as supervisors or managers, with years of experience and plenty of research in astronomy. Those with a Ph.D. or master?s degree in astronomy can easily get promotions. Others with a bachelor?s degree face tough competition and struggle as the study of astronomy is the most challenging of all available jobs. Some of them in colleges and institutes working as assistant professors can become faculties of astronomy or astrophysics. Others may become trainers in research centers to train the entry-level astronomers.

Employment forecast:-
In the career as astronomers the employment growth is expected to grow slower than the other occupations. This is the most challenging job and that is why not everyone feels suitable to survive in this occupation .However, with the curiosity about universe and it facts, the astronomers will be needed in future. The need to find life on other planets other than earth is the main reason the astronomers are struggling in research centers. For this reason new astronomers with great knowledge and skills will be in demand in the coming years.

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