The Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming
Global warming is one of the problems and one of the human causes in the world that people are facing to protect their children, homes and the world. Many countries which have large number of factories have decided to stop global warming by stopping gasses, Co2 and other poisonous gases such as greenhouse gas. Global warming is defined as the gradual rise in the temperature of the bottom layer near to the Earth?s surface from the atmosphere surrounding the earth and it also defined as the change in temperature, wind condition and sea rate due to pollution in the world.
Increasing greenhouse and methane gas is causing this rise of temperature. Moreover, methane is resulted from microbial interaction in rice fields and ruminant livestock and burning of biomass (trees, plants and animal waste), also produces water swamps muddy. In addition, there is methane gas called oxide nitrous also consist of microbial interactions occurring in water and soil and the Group of chlorofluorocarbon gases which cause erosion of the ozone layer, and finally ozone gas, which consists in the lower atmosphere. Moreover, increasing pollution rate and gasses could change the thermal energy from the environment.
The aim of this project is to explain global? warming effects and also to explain how could the global warming be decreased by using other sources for energy, for example solar energy and wind power instead of oil and coal that effect rising temperature and pollution in the world. The last part is to compare and contrast between solar energy and wind power.
Every day, millions of tons of coal and oil are consumed as energy which cause global warming and our resources to be damage. This relates to millions of tons of carbon dioxide to be sourced of pollution in the environment and to be hazard and danger for human being.
Coal, oil and natural gas are three kinds of fossil fuels that are utilized greatly and widely. They are constituted under the earth?s surface, by the development of anaerobic decomposition of organic matter. Since of evolution of industrial, fossil fuels started to utilize by a large scale. In the form of coal, fuel oil and natural gas, fossil fuels are hydrocarbons that are found with dead matter of the Residues of plants and animals. Usually, fossil fuels are named or defined as mineral fuels. In addition, factories and industries need to produce heat by using huge amount of fossil fuels.
The burning of geologic deposits of a layman?s term is fossil fuels. These are constituted of organic materials, the residues of dead matter of plants and animals which have changed to coal, crude oil, heavy oil or natural gas. Moreover, they are constituted for millions of decades by exposure to temperature and pressure of the earth?s crust which is outside the earth?s heat and pressure. Fossil fuels could be utilized to create electricity by powering turbines. Using steam?s form by burning of the fuel to switch the turbine, called the older generators.
In this century, the modernization in these days, industries and factories have reached a high rate of consuming energy from fossil fuels. One of the causes of regional and global conflicts is gasoline which comes from oil. Furthermore, the burning of fossil fuels is one of the largest causes of radiation of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming. A small part of the fuels are contaminated and derived from atmospheric carbon dioxide, and these do not affect the atmosphere changing by increasing carbon dioxide in it.

There are sources for energy these days that are used every day in homes, cars or office but most of them effect pollution which cause global warming. However, scientists have created other sources to produce energy, without releasing carbon dioxide and any other poisonous gases such as greenhouse gas, by using solar energy and wind power.
People also should stop or decrease their consuming of gasses that come from burning oil, coal and greenhouse gas. Solar energy by using sunlight is one of the useful solutions to reduce greenhouse gas and to provide energy to factories in order to stop global warming. The benefit of solar energy is that is a renewable energy source. Using heat from the sun prevent wasting energy or having high mount of bills. However, by using the sun the world can make a big difference in the pollution and in the Ozone layer.
Solar energy helps to prevent the environment pollutants that are hazard to human body and health. A solar cell is a machine to produce the energy from the sun. The solar cell consists of different types of layers that are covered by a sheet of glass to protect and to save the delicate silicon that is the most part of solar cell production. There are also other materials that are used for solar cell mass production for example, Gallium Arsenide, Cadmium Telluride and Copper-Indium-dieseline.

The sun is not the only alternative source for energy in these days, wind power could produce power to any place from the wind by using turbines. People and countries tend to build towers to produce electricity for buildings, homes and factories and the best place is the sea coasts. Towers should be built in place that has strong and steady winds to obtain high rate of power. It consists of three blades which are rotor, high- speed shaft, low-speed shaft and other important parts.
The first part is the generator produce electricity from the rotation of the rotor. Secondly, the nacelle is the housing to protect the generator and gear box from other elements. Finally, the tail vane directs the turbine to obtain and to gather wind energy.

It can be seen that global warming is become more harmful than before because of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas are the reasons of changing temperature. Changing climate is also one of the other reasons of global warming. Industrial countries have to protect our planet and protect ozone layer from harmful gases and from carbon dioxide.
Moreover, our children will face the global warming if people do not do anything to reduce gasses that they are released from the earth. In addition, media should take responsibility about this issue by doing programs that explain what would happen to the world if the global warming still increases.
Recently many scientists find out the danger that might happen if the temperature still increases as much as before. Also they found out the temperature under the earth is also change largely than what it was before.
However, many researchers find out suitable solutions for the global warming. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy from the sun light and wind power from the wind are the most useful solutions to avoid and decrease the changing atmosphere from changing temperature and changing climate. To compare, solar energy is more easily to get than the wind power because the solar energy is the cheapest source of energy than other sources.

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