Save the Sea Animals

Save the Sea Animals
Today sea animals are getting closer to be endangered or worst becoming extinct. The reason for this is pollution, and also having humans over hunting the sea animals even though the hunting sea is over. Pollution is man-made from oil rigs breaking or becoming destroyed and spilling oil in the ocean kill millions of sea animals. In addition, humans are littering cause some sea animals dying from the littering. Another problem that is occurring is poaching which hunting animals out of season. These problems can be solved by changing the ways humans live their lives. In this discussion it will talk about all the problems that are occurring and what steps to take to prevent sea animals from becoming extinct. This statement brings the reason why its important to save the sea animals, and the sea animals diet.
The first reason for saving sea animals or a certain specie is that the sea animals kill other sea animals, which help control their population. An example would be that whales control seals and fishes population by eating them for food. The whale?s primary food source is fish and its secondary food source is seals.
Also, K. Ramsayer talks about the whales daily diet, ?From the 1970s to the 1990s, populations of sea otters and some pinnipeds, including Steller sea lions and fur seals, took a mysterious nosedive in the northern Pacific. A new study floats a surprising explanation: These creatures became choice entrées for killer whales after industrial whaling wiped out the great whales that killer whales had been eating? (Ramsayer p.195-196) In addition, the whales and population is being controlled by humans hunting them. This helps the fish and seal from being over hunted by whales because of the whale?s overpopulation. Another food source that is being hunted in the ocean is fish. But, with this a problem can occur and that is killing too many fish. This can be a problem because it can cause a chain reaction. Another way to put this is that if humans could catch too many fish and cause the whales or other species to not have enough food which could kill them from starvation. An example would be having plankton become extinct and this would cause fish, whales, sharks, and other animal to become endangered. The reason for this is that the plankton is eaten by the fish and fish is eaten by the whales and the sharks. This first reason brings the idea of which people could hunt sea animals.
The solution to this problem that would be allowed is to kill sea animals that are overpopulated. The reason for this is that some sea animals are eating fish which makes it a problem for fisherman. This can be bad because whales are eating fish which it reduces the fisherman?s catch amount. The other reason why it can be a problem for fisherman is that it will reduce the amount of income for catching fish. When this it occurs it creates job lose because of the low income of catching fish. This is one way it can be acceptable for kill whales or other sea animals that eat fish. In addition, this will help keep fish from being extinct or endangered from other predators killing them. This problem can have a solution but there could be a problem to this solution and with this brings the solution.
The solution to this overpopulation situation is to have hunting for sea animals and this would be a reason for killing sea animals. The way to help control or prevent overpopulating in the ocean is to have hunting season for controlling the amount of sea animals in the ocean. An example would be having a two month long hunting season for hunting whales. When the season comes to an end then there is to be no hunting for the whales, until the season starts again. Also, there should be times if it looks like the whales are at a scares amount then there should be no hunting. This can help repopulate the whales back to an average or overpopulated amount. Both whale watchers and hunters can benefit from this because when it?s hunting season then the hunters can regulate the amount of whales. After the hunting season ends then the whale watchers can research the whales for a certain amount of time. In addition, author Alejandro Balaguer of ?Giants worth Millions? talks about whale watching, and how it is helping each year with Argentina. ?Whale watching businesses exist all over the world these days; about nine million people have gone on whale watching trips, putting more than a billion dollars into the world economy every year. Argentina is a good example of the benefits of this enterprise. Chubut Province reports more than 60 million dollars a year in income from whale watching. Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and other countries have also taken in millions of dollars, proving that conservation can be a good business?(Balaguer p.37-37). As a result of this article if the United States follows this article then it will create jobs and will increase income to the economy. As a result of this solution brings the problem to this situation and it?s with poaching when hunting season is over.
The problem that could be acquired with hunting to control the sea animal?s population brings the problem to this solution and that there is a lot of poaching for hunting whales and fish. This means that people kill these animals with no license or killing them out of season when the sea animals are in mating season. This is a huge problem because sea animals can be poached some much that they can become endangered or worst extinct. That?s why there should be a law to prevent this from happening. This problem can also be solved by having consequences for poaching.
Poaching should not be held lightly because people are killing animals with no license or killing them for pure pleasure. Every time there is a problem there is always a solution, and with poaching occurring there is a solution. A solution to this problem that can help decrease poaching is to have a large fine for killing whales or fish and serving time in jail. Also, there can be a limit to the amount of companies at a time to help control the population. This means that the company will have to be registered to hunt these animals. If these companies are not registered then they would get a fine or be put in jail. This idea will help control both animal population and control the amount of hunters at a time to kill the sea animals. In addition, companies will obey by this law or rule because these companies do not want to pay a large sum of money or be put in jail for killing sea animals out of season. In conclusion with this problem brings another problem, this problem is pollution. Another way that whales and other sea animals are dying from is pollution.
Today humans are causing pollution which can be harmful for animals and humans too. The pollutions that can occur could be accidentally or purposely by humans. One example to this pollution is having oil rigs breaking or exploding which causes oil to pollute the water. This pollution can be harmful to many birds, all sea animals or plants in the area, and even humans. In addition, having oil leaks can kill millions of sea animals and birds in the area. Elise Wolf article talks about the risk that could occur if there were an oil leak. ?Oil exploration and extraction will place at risk the Arctic?s remarkable assortment of whales, walrus, seals, birds, fish, and polar bears, as well as the cultural lifeways of the Inupiat people who have lived in the area for more than 2,500 years. It?s a threat that this ecosystem ? already suffering from the weather shifts from climate change ? cannot tolerate? (Wolf p32-38). In addition to this article brings the other type of pollution. The other pollution that is occurring is littering, with this it kills thousands of animals including birds and fish. This can be harmful for the sea animals and can be harmful for humans. The reason for this is that if humans catch fish that eat litter it can become sick and become poisonous. Then if a human eats this fish then he or she will become sick or even worst die from this infected fish. Another way to save some of the sea animals from being killed from poaching or pollution is to put some into zoos. This statement brings the next idea to this discussion which will help prevent sea animals from being extinct.
A way that will prevent sea animals from being extinct or delay their extinction is to put some of them into zoos. The reason for this is that they will be safe from hunters and other threats in the ocean. This solution could be good because if the animal becomes endangered then there will be some of the species in the zoo. In addition, the zoo can start restoring the sea animal?s population slowly by having them mate. The only problem to this is that there might not be any two of opposite sexes. Another problem that can occur in the zoo is that the animal is in captivity and not in its natural environment. In addition, it can be bad because it will reduce and limit the amount area the animal could swim in if it was in the ocean.
In conclusion, sea animals are becoming closer to being endangered or extinct each day. If there is nothing changed by poaching or pollution then there will be extinction in a few years. Also, if the law of poaching is increased to a higher level of a consequence then there will be a less chance of having sea animals becoming endangered or extinct. In addition, the sea animals can be put into zoos for safety from poaching and pollution, but the sea animals will have a limited amount of space to swim in. In this defense sea animals should be left alone from humans and let them survive and hunt naturally.

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