Computers and Family Life

Computers and Family Life
Computers have had both positive and negative effects on family life. As more and more families are beginning to own there own computers, the effects of computers are becoming more recognized. Negative effects include the separation/isolation of family members, and parents bringing their work home instead of leaving it at work. Linking extended families together is one positive effect that computers have had on family life. Overall computers have had a negative effect on family life.One negative effect of computers on family life is less human contact between family members. In my family, all of us have our own computers that are kept in separate rooms. So if I?m checking my mail on my computer, and my sister is in her room on her computer, we are isolated from each other and cannot talk to each other face to face. This results in less face to face human contact between family members. But just having one computer for a family can still cause less face-to-face contact. If one person is using the computer no one else wants to just sit and do nothing while the computer is being used, so they will go to a different room and each person will end up doing their own thing. Causing less family time, and less human contact within the family.

The use of computer games is another thing that has caused less human contact between family members. Before computers were used in the home, if someone wanted to play a game, they usually had to find at least one other family member to play a board game or card game with them. That forced families to send more time talking to each other. Now if someone wants to play a game that requires more than one person, they can just go on the computer and either play online against another person, or they can play against the computer. Playing games on the computer makes in easier to be isolated from physical contact with other family members. Now that you don?t have to ask person in your family to play a game, most families don?t spend as much time talking to each other and learning about each other.

Another negative cause that computers have on family life is that many people now bring their work home with them instead of leaving it at work the way they used to. People?s work is now invading the privacy of their home. 1 People find that it is easier and more convenient to work at home, so they bring their work home allowing it to invade their home. When people bring home their work, it separates families by causing parents to spend more time at home working, and less time with their family. Causing parents to not know as much about what is going on in their children?s lives. Bringing work home separates families, making them not as close knit, as they would be if they spent more time together talking.

Computers haven?t just had negative effects on families; they have also had some positive ones. The use of e-mail is one of the positive effects that computers have had on families. With the use of e-mail, families can take care of things that they would otherwise have to leave the home to take care of. E-mail also allows families to communicate with other family members who might not live close by. For example, I e-mail my cousin in England at least twice a week. Without the use of e-mail I wouldn?t be able to communicate with him nearly as much because phone bills would be too expensive for me to afford. So, because of e-mail I am able to remain close to my cousin even though he is in England, and I am in the United States.

A second positive effect that computers have had on families is the use of instant messenger services. This allows families to talk to each other and have a fairly normal conversation with each other even though they might not be in the same town or even the same country. I personally use instant messenger services to talk to my parents, my sister, my grandparents, and my friends. While I am at school, I am still able to stay in touch with everyone back home without having to call each one of them separately. For many people who are away at school, instant messenger services allow them to stay in touch with friends and family even though they are not at home.

A third positive effect that computers have had on families is web pages. Web pages allow families to post pictures of themselves and other family members so that everyone in the family can go to the web page and view the pictures. My sister has a web page that explains things about here, and it has pictures of her and friends. One of my other uncles also has his own web page. On his web page, he has pictures of his baby daughter. By going to my uncles web page, I have been able to see pictures of my baby cousin as she has grown and changed. Many other families have web pages similar to my families that they use to watch their families change even though they cannot be right there watching them.

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