Groth of the self

Groth of the self
Unfortunately I was not able to make it to our last site visit and to our group meeting. I had a terrible cold and needed rest. However, I emailed one of my group members so that she could up date me. I also made sure to call my students and apologize for my absence.Today, Monday I went back to site and we had overhead presentation. The students were really involved and eager to participate. In the overhead pictures of different people were shown and the students were asked to describe the person. Many of the students commented that the people in the picture looked like drug dealers, rapist and so on. Most of their comments were negative towards what the individuals in the picture looked like. The students were really shocked to find out that all of those people in the picture were university students and really successful. This was our introduction and then we broke into groups and discussed the prejudice article.
I was really happy that both my students were really eager to express their opinion and to share their experiences with prejudice. They were really trying to analyze the negative and positive effects of prejudice. I have a wonderful group and I can see that they are becoming more and more involved each time.

What would you do if you really loved the student?
I think that because I live the students and because I have opened up to them they are becoming more interested and involved. I really enjoy listening to my students responses to their ways of thinking and seeing things. Therefore, to show them my love I respect their ideas and I encourage them to think and to question everything. We were really working on our analytical skills and I hope to improve my own analytical skills through them. I am really happy with my students but I wished they took the homework a bit more serious. I think that because they have a week until we meet again they postpone the homework for so long that they eventually forget to do it or they just loose the assignment. But since I car for my students I have decided to make it my responsibility to remind them at least two days before. I plan to call them at and inquire on their week and end the call with a quick reminder to do their reading assignment and written note and questions for our next discussion.

Pick Strength and use it:
I feel that the strength that best fits me is ?Input Drive? this is an indicator o f the traditional scholar. Knowledge is key in my own self ?definition. I feel that the more knowledge I gain the more I learn about myself. I am taking a Chicano theatre class and from every play I have learned something new about myself. I feel that knowledge is crucial to finding out who we are and what we truly believe in. I try to take something from every class that is significant to my person. I think that everything is worth knowing and that new insight will always be gained. I value my education and I know that with focus I can master a subject or even specialize in it. This all depends on how I can relate on that particular subject matter and how it adds to beliefs and my self.
I have decided that the best way to enhance this strength is by keeping a journal. After every class or every week if I write about the subject that I have learned and describe how that knowledge has gave me insight on who I am I will be able to optimize this strength. I want to keep a journal so that I can learn more about who I am.

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