Creative breif of Ballys Gym

Creative breif of Ballys Gym
For Bally Total Fitness our intended advertising strategy is to appeal to young men and women aged 18-25. We would like to reach them through various channels by appealing to their emotions. We feel that by evoking such emotion will encourage each potential customer to take action. With our radio commercial, we want to reach out to those who believe that working out is like a chore. Also we want to let them know about the support system that Bally has to offer. Most people are not aware of the caring and professionally trained individuals who are there and willing to help out in our gyms.
Who- Our target is men and women aged 18-25, living in the Palm Beach area. This particular ad is aimed towards those individuals who are too lazy and see working out as an inconvenience. We would like to change their perspectives and show them a network of concern.
Why- We want to make them aware of their miscomprehended rational and emotional needs. We want to finalize the weighing decision of getting up and going to the gym. This ads main purpose is to motivate.
What- The elite feature of a personal on hand and ready to cater to your every need is exclusive. The trainers are there and always willing to learn your personal case and help you to melt away fat, tone muscle and gain flexibility. Also, when most people work out by themselves, they are more susceptible to injury and fatigue.
Where- This radio advertisement will be played on various stations to best reach our audience. The hip and cool stations that people of that age group listen to will be our target. For example X102.3 and 95.5 will be two of the stations we play this message on. Also, Because bally is a nationally known company, we would like this message to be played on radio stations across the map.
When- This message will be played weekdays from 9a.m.-11a.m. Also from 4p.m.-6p.m. We plan on having it air as soon as February 15th and played through until the first of May.
30 second Radio Advertisement.
First ten second- a men breathing very heavily with foot steps in the background. He is running and running out of breath quickly. Then it followed by the man giving a long sigh. He is most defiantly out of shape.
Narrator- ?This is how YOU work out.?
Second ten seconds- That same man breathing deep in his nose and out his mouth. There is now another voice shouting positive things. ?Come on, keep up the good work! Just 3 more reps, you can do it!?
Narrator- ?This is how you work out with us.?
?Stop by your Bally Total fitness today and sign up for any of our memberships which all include one free session with your very own personal trainer.?

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