Creative Strategy for RAPTURE by Hilton

Creative Strategy for RAPTURE by Hilton
Basic problem/issue to be addressed:
Convey all features without creating a ?busy? advertisement with a clear visual path that stimulates the reader to peruse more information. Once this is established another issue to be addressed is selling the idea of luxury accommodation for the ?thrifty? backpacker and the known name of Hilton. The combination of theses two to create an advertisement that delivers a message portraying fun and savings as well as conveying style and class. With these achieved successfully our main issues and problems are solved.
Objectives for the advertisement:
The objectives that should be achieved for the Rapture by Hilton advertising campaign should address the following concepts and facts.
? Create brand awareness and interest in Rapture, the campaign should also consist of associated services. Promote the ?experience? and the ?community? by placing team based sports and crowds in imagery used to promote a unity of all guests and the unrivalled experience that Rapture can offer for all customers.
? Promote Rapture?s services and the ?community experience?. Can be achieved by placing team based sports and crowds in imagery used.
? The advertisement should strongly portray the low cost of Rapture?s accommodation and the vast amount of activities and services on offer.
? Increase clientele to the Hilton group with the Rapture venture.
? Position Rapture into the number one accommodation for budget minded travellers.

Target Audience:
The target audience consists of Male and Females ages 18 through to 27 of mixed nationalities. They are keen travellers and enjoy a very active and fun filled lifestyle. They adopt a tight budget to work with due to their income, which would be placed into the low - mid ($15,000 to $38,000).
? Age: 18 ? 27
? Annual income: Low to mid ($15,000 ? $38,000)
? Sex: Male & Female
? Occupation: Student, part-time / Casual worker
? Free spirited, party animal, like to try new things
? International, domestic
Potential clients like the beachside aspect of accommodation (water sports, lifestyle), Love to be in the heart of activity (Close to city/town centres). Something different yet at the same time similar to home (international).

? Lifestyle: Traveller, explorer, socialite,
? Attitude: Confident, inquisitive
? Personality traits: Motivated, Thrifty spender, love to party, active and fit

Major Selling idea to communicate:
The major selling idea for the Rapture ?Paradise is waiting for you? campaign is to create a want for Rapture and its services in a target audience. The advertising campaign for Rapture communicates to the audience the qualities of the facilities in the building, as well as the vast array of outdoor activities that are on offer (full page advertisement). The use of outdoor imagery particularly the reef and beach (volley ball and surfing) in the advertisement appeals to the reader on an emotional level, the feeling of being amongst nature drawing them into the ?Rapture experience?. The concept that becoming part of the Rapture community/experience is very important to communicate to the target audience. Communicating these ideas to the target audience will achieve the aim of affirming Rapture as the new and only place to stay when travelling on a budget. The key benefits of this style of approach are to portray Rapture as the home away from home and create a want in the reader to become part of the Rapture community.

Creative strategy Statement:
The campaigns emotional appeal will stem from the hard working student or worker?s desire to travel and visit exotic places. The barriers that are encountered by most of the target market involve work and university demands which lead to a day-in day-out repetitive nightmare. As the ?Paradise is waiting for you? campaign is employed, the promotional characteristics of Rapture are conveyed through the audiences want to ?escape? from their current life. However, by embracing the ?I want to escape my current repetitive grind? the brand will be positioned in this light ? Always different, always fun, always paradise.
Supportive Information
The Rapture venture is not a significant jump from the hotels already owned and run by Hilton. The same ?Fill rooms? concept works in every hotel, hostel and Inn. The fact that so many budget orientated people are arriving to Surfers Paradise looking for a large group of like minded individuals to socialise with will instantly create bookings and encourage people to become part of the Rapture community.

Advertising Execution:
The Rapture ?Paradise is waiting for you campaign? will be presented using a combination of imagery and text that will create a want in the reader/viewer and generate an interest in the Rapture experience.
The use of particular imagery draws attention to the benefits gained from staying at the Rapture. The images used depict what the target audience do in their Holiday time, from relaxing coral dives to energetic Volleyball games. It is this versatility portrayed in the imagery that broadens the market substantially. Using these images the Rapture advertisement can form associations between what the target audience wants and what Rapture has to offer. These positive emotions created about Rapture draw the target audience in and tempting them to embark on the ?Rapture experience?.
The frequent use of the ?beach image? in the advertising campaign can be defined as classical conditioning as pairing the two creates Raptures identity as ?paradise and freedom?, this inturn will create more brand awareness and hype. By associating Rapture with this ?paradise? lifestyle, it would consequently become more likely that the audience seriously consider Rapture as their next holiday destination.

Creative tactics: (Internet & Interactive media ? Refer to Appendix *: Story board)
The following creative tactics outline the visual, textual and verbal elements of the advertisements and the methods used and their link with the objectives of the creative strategies.
Print, Internet (static), Billboard and Transit Advertising:

Copy and Font:
The Internet, billboard and transit advertisements do not incorporate any body copy to minimise the effect on the imagery but features the saying ?Paradise is waiting for you? presented in Arial font that has been vertically stretched.
The advertisement that incorporates body copy is the full page advertisement (refer to appendix **: Full page ad) which contains minimal body copy. The information is again presented in a stretched Arial font and contains only the vital information needed to portray the desired message.

Indirect Headlines:
The consistent ?Paradise is waiting for you? line is thought provoking and prominent in all advertising, except for the ?full page advertisement?. The use of this indirect headline is to establish what Rapture has to offer summed up in one line and create a link between all advertising mediums.

Visual Elements:
The repetitive use of the beach image and the low cost is to inundate the audience with same information to create advertisement recognition as well as create the thought of paradise for only $57. These elements spark thoughts in the target ?budget? audience that wants to get away and travel.

The layout of the advertisements follows the basic design principle; add only what needs to be there. This simplistic layout approach not only answers the audience?s questions, what is Rapture? Where is Rapture? How much is it? But also creates a need to know more!
The dominant beach image in the advertisements (Internet, billboard, and Transit) creates a calm mood and attracts the eye from its surroundings. The price sticker is added as if to answer the question of how much is paradise going to cost and the Rapture logo sums the advertisement up by giving paradise a name.

Video: (Refer to Appendix ** - Story board)
There is one video that has been created and will feature on the internet as streaming media. The video is aimed at both male and females from various countries. The video is themed along with the internet (static), billboard and transit advertisements. This will re-affirm the paradise theme of Rapture. The video?s establishing shot consists of a beach with lapping water, and then the line ?Paradise is waiting for you? appears along with the $57 per night price sticker. Next the shot is straight cut away to video footage of a nightclub and then onto the restaurant. Once these clips have past the video then highlights the water sports and activities on offer in a video montage. The end of the video is then presented with the Rapture logo and the web address.
The video advertisement will be strategically placed on social networking websites as well as the Rapture website. It will be also translated into selected foreign languages to complete the objective of international advertising.

The video will have ambient sounds that have been listed in detail on the story board (Refer to Appendix ** - Story board). Each scene will have its own ambient sounds that correspond with the video showing. There is a running commentary also detailed on the story board. The voice will be young, energetic and full of enthusiasm. When the logo is displayed at the end of the video the voice over will quote, ?RAPTURE, FUN, STYLE & SAVINGS?.

Planning and Production of the promotional video:
In order to keep to the specified budget all promotional video planning will be completed by us in house and then outsourced to a specialised production company to produce.

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