Creative essay

Creative essay
It was a typical Friday night job, thirteen young teenagers wanting to head out to the city. I received a page to my taxi referring me to an address 127 Croft Rise Eltham, I quickly checked up the address and before I knew it I was in front of the house with thirteen guys giving me directions to where they wanted me to take them in the city. Luckily the city was quiet compared to most Friday nights in Melbourne. The guys directed me to chapel St South Yarra to a club called Chasers. I dropped the guys off doing the stock no meter on and pocketing the cash for myself which was around 30 dollars. Before I knew it I had to come back to the eastern suburbs, on Doncaster road and that?s where I came across a red BMW M3 convertible with 21inch chrome rims on it, this caught my attention and the next thing I saw was a bicycle in my windscreen shattering with the airbag puffing into my face my body Rowling around in the car whilst another body went through my windscreen landing in the back seat unconscious.

The nurse walked in, I could barely hear her say my name. I saw my family readily available standing around me all with black eyes knowing that they have been waiting for me to wake up only to give me the worst news of my life.

The doctor and the nurse and my whole family standing in one room watching me as they tell me that I was hit by a taxi two days ago and I have been paralysed from my hip down. From my distort anger I didn?t want myself to believe this had happened. The first month moved on and went into court to face the negligent reckless taxi driver. There was a great tension in the two groups and as he went up to face the judge he was also brought up for not turning the meter on in the taxi and that he stole money from the cab. He was done for one count for negligence and one count of reckless driving and was put away for a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 20 with no bail. As the taxi driver was taken away he said it was a beautiful BMW which I didn?t understand where that was coming from.
The first 6 months moved so fast and before I knew it my 18th birthday had come and I had a massive party which was a great night for everyone to come n see me again. That night my parents had got me a little puppy which slowly became the joy of my life his name was peppy. I started to fell great my body felt like it was growing my legs especially which I was surprised I was paralysed I had never felt so good in my last six months.

I called my doctor and booked an appointment to see him, he was amazed wen he saw me he said I had grown 5 centimetres in the last 6 months and that something was wrong he put me through lots of progressive scans and he came to a decision that I wasn?t paralysed that I was recovering and with some months of physio therapy he would be able to play sport again.

Two months passed on and it was my first training session with my team for a whole year I was a bite rusty but there was time to get back into shape for the coming season.

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