The Fairyland News: Creative Writing

The Fairyland News: Creative Writing
THE KING narrowly escaped death yesterday after the police received an
anonymous tip-off.

Yesterday, at approximately 5.55 pm, the police received a tip-off
informing them that the dinner to be served to the king that evening
would be his last. The police instantly proceeded to the palace to
come to his highness? aid. They discovered that the King?s royal
dinner, which was supposed to be beef pie, contained poisoned
blackbird meat. The King?s cook, who mysteriously disappeared last
night just after she prepared the King?s meal, is the subject of a
nationwide search, and the police have officers and guards stationed
at all airports. She is not the lone suspect however, as the police
are following all possibilities, and the Queen and her maid are also
under questioning. The Queen claims she was in her parlour. ?I had just made myself a
quick snack of bread and honey when I heard a commotion in the
counting house,? she said. ?There was banging and shouting and when I
went to have a look what was happening I was stopped by the police and
I saw my husband being carried away to hospital. It was most

The maid, who unfortunately consumed some of the pie while serving it
to the King, is still in hospital awaiting an operation to have her
nose removed. ?Her nose was very badly infected by the poison and if
we don?t amputate soon the poison might spread,? said hospital staff.
?If the King had eaten the whole pie he would have died a very painful
death as his stomach walls ruptured and the acid inside leaked into
his ribcage, dissolving his heart and lungs.?

The King is extremely angry. ?I don?t believe my cook could do such a
thing!? he exclaimed. ?Murder the King! And on her salary too! It?s so
hard to find good staff these days, I mean what could I have possibly
done to deserve that??

The police investigation is being carried out by Detective Bo Peep of
the Royal Police Force (RPF), who says ?Obviously we have a prime
suspect, but we must be open to other ideas and I?m sure that in the
end we will find the King?s would-be killer.? Police urge anybody who
knows anything about the murder attempt or has any information
regarding the King?s cook or her whereabouts to call 01994 666999 and
ask for Detective Bo Peep.

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